Why Nutritionists Advise The Diet Having 1800 Calories

Human body needs proper nutrition and in the absence of sufficient calorie, only exertion makes the body dull and you feel dizziness in all your endeavors. As far as the calorie consummation is concerned, a balanced diet should be there so that every portion of body is getting proper energy. Normally the feet and hands of human body work more than other organs. These are the most working organs and thus need some special nutrition. Now, learn some of the balanced diets which are gifted to you by nature.   The 1800 calorie diet stands for 3 different meals and in these meals some food items should be arranged in such a manner that all required calories are reaching in body. On the other hand, burning of the calories is also an important portion related with nutrition. In case you are depositing calories regularly and not burning them, it will result in excessive depositing of fat cells in your body and will create a lot of problems at later stage. Diabetes, heart related diseases and many more gastro related troubles will start automatically and may take the permanent nature. So it is better to maintain your diet chart as per your physical needs and working conditions.

You are permitted to have some additional calories in the prescribed 1800 calories. In case you are taking less that 1800 calories and burning some more, definitely you will lose your strength as well as weight too. But this kind of weight loss will not be suitable as the same will bring weakness and dizziness.  This dies plan is quite suitable for the tall persons. The tall skeleton needs more nutrition to provide better strength to each of the bones. In case you are getting some fewer calories, the support to flesh attached to your bones will also be weaker. Nerves system will not be able to supply proper blood in each section.   In case, a person starts weight loss program and make some dieting, it means all the calories he/she is burning are not up to the mark. Reducing the level of calories is not better if more than 1 pond per week.   In all the meals of day, you can arrange your eatables according to the energy available in each and maintain a diet chart by yourself. First of all you should learn that what calorie is available in each eatable. Now accordingly set a plan. In breakfast you can take 1 protein and 1 fruit. In addition some vegetables can be taken but depending upon the taste of individual. In snack, you can also take some protein. Accordingly, lunch can also be divided into various calories. Remember that lunch is the main course food intake of the human being and it should be much in calories. In case you seen that calories are exceeding that 1800, you can reduce the remaining calories in the dinner. Before dinner, you can take some snacks with evening tea, but a balanced diet must not exceed that 1800 calories.

Fruits and vegetables must be in the 1800 calorie diet and if the same intake is made continuous, it is quite possible that your body is getting proper nutrition. You should always remember that taking additional calories is not good at any cost because normal burning of calories must be according to intake. You can check the same with the help of a meter and maintain the level in case intake or burning is slightly different. This total can be maintained for as long period if you see a simple and routine calorie burning pattern in your life but in case of excessive physical labor, the balance can be altered accordingly.