Why can’t I lose weight?

Are you feeling desperate trying to get rid of fatty deposits on your hips? Your attempts to go on healthy diets have failed as your weight still doesn’t budge. You might be thinking about weight-loss medications. Well, it might be a good option; however, chances are you will regain your former weight as soon as you discontinue taking them. Therefore, without making lifestyle changes and finding the solution that fits you best, you are unlikely to benefit from these pills and succeed in taking off extra kilos. Considering the reasons why losing weight seems so difficult for you will help to figure out which action to take further in order to burn calories more efficiently.

The first thing you should be aware of is that some people have low level of metabolism when their body is at rest and high metabolic efficiency while being in motion. And you might be among these people. However, despite your tendency to easily gain weight, you still may achieve your weight-loss goals if you eliminate the following culprits that interfere with your success.

• You don’t have adequate breakfast. Not only should you have a meal every morning but also include proteins and fibers into your menu. This will boost your metabolism and give you a sense of fullness for long hours.

• You overeat. Each helping of food taken during the day should be as big as your fist. Excessive food stretches your stomach, and if you eat less, it signals that you need more. By reducing your portions, your stomach will eventually contract to its primary size.

• You limit fat in your diet. Cut back on simple carbs, not fat. Fat combined with proteins and fiber enables the satiety center in your brain to react within only five minutes and reduce hunger more quickly. Prefer mono- and polyunsaturated fats as they lower the risk of plaque build-up inside your arteries and limit saturated fats that, in the contrary, contribute to increased cholesterol levels in blood.