What Does 9000 3D Model Of CBCT Has On Offer For Dental Practitioners?

Scanning the jaw line and the entire set of teeth, without inserting anything in the mouth has been a challenge for many years. Then came the panoramic scanner that could do it without necessary insertion of any object in the mouth for producing an x-ray. The latest tool for all the dentistry practice is Kodak 9000 3d, which is deemed as one of the much acclaimed user-friendly product of CBCT. This extraoral system for producing scanned images offers variety of versatile solutions that any dental treatment may require. It is a combination of 3D focus-field technology and panoramic dedicated imaging that makes it an affordable unit, which has the finest attributes of two. It renders high resolution at lowest dose of radiation.

The machine has plethora of features to boast of and here are some of them.

  1. Image Quality: The image quality of 9000 3D is optimum in its segment. It renders excellent level of details, where the images are correct anatomically by 1:1 measurements. This allows a specialist to diagnose his patients precisely for their ailments. The focused field of 3D system’s view allows for highest resolution of images at all slices and angles.
  2. Imaging software: The imaging software is CS 3D, which provides slice-by-slice images of coronal, axial, cross-sectional, sagittal as well as oblique view to everything that the machine could scan. All the images are procured in the DICOM format, which makes it compatible with almost every guided system for surgery.
  3. Sensors: Its sensors are versatile in nature, which is because it has three of it that could be chosen by settings for best results. One is for panoramic, another is for CBCT and the third is for cephalometric images.
  4. Safety: Since it has focused view field, the radiation is always limited to a set region of exposure. Hence, the patients are always exposed to the minimum dose of radiation that could be made possible.
  5. Adaptable: It is absolutely adaptable from endodontics to orthodontics. It generates clear sagittal and axial images for any kind of necessary oral surgeries. This feature makes it a favourite for many dental professionals.
  6. User friendly: Operating the Kodak 9000 3d is convenient for any starter with this machine. It has excellent interface that does quick exams of patients. The preset programs allow for automatic adjustment of collimation and exposure. Its complete motorized movements conveniently select the examination region.

On an average, this machine is indeed the finest when it comes to scanning and diagnosing the dental problem of any individual by a dental practitioner.