What Do You Need To Do To Obtain A Halal Certificate

Halal in Arabic means allowed. That is how the certificate got its name in the first place. It means foods and products that people of Islamic religion are allowed to eat or use. It is a certificated that stores must have if they want to have more customers. When we say ‘allowed’ we mean the food that is prepared according to Sharia law and the majority of Muslims around the world who apply this diet.Halal Certification Agencyis a place where you can request a document for your product.

Halal standard is derived from Sharia law and the company that is interested in the introduction of this standard shall apply to the Agency the Islamic community. On that occasion, the interested company is making the statement that they fully understand and respect all laws related to the Halal standard, as well as all prohibitions arising from it. When all necessary conditions are issued by the company they will receive a Halal certificate which is valid for one year. When it expires it is necessary to request a new one.

The application of Halal standard

Halal is the most frequently used in food and pharmaceutical industries, as well as the production of cosmetics. To fulfill the conditions for obtaining a certificate in food production a business must omit the following ingredients:



    Carnivorous animals,

    Birds of prey,

    Animals that have been slaughtered in the name of someone other than Allah,

    Additives and emulsifiers (emulsifier E 120).

Also the use of alcoholis prohibited (liquors used in the confectionery industry) and gelatin that actually has a pork origin. All of these products are strongly prohibited and should not be used by people with Islamic religion.

What is even more important to note is that the Koran prescribes a special way of slaughtering animals.


Necessary documents to obtain to request a Halal certificate

To access the manufacturers of the certification it is required to submit:

    The document on the management commitment to Halal certification,

    A document certifying that the production of applicable provisions on health, hygiene and sanitary measures are satisfied, which include international standards (HACCP and ISO standards).

    A document confirming that the activity is performed in accordance with applicable regulations.

Subsequently, conduct the procedure in which it is determined whether the raw materials used in production are permitted by law “haram” in the Islamic religion. After fulfillment of the conditions set issued by the appropriate certificate confirming the status of halal products they professionals will then approve the use of halal sign on the product packaging.

During the process of issuing a Halal certificate it shall be regularly inspected by the halal controllers and also performs sampling of products from the market. Thus providing assurance that there will be no bad (religious desecration) products at any stage of production. That is a must. If these rules are not being respected the company will face serious problems and charges.