What are the benefits of Stanozolol?

Stanozolol is basically a steroid that is made with synthetics like dihydrotestosterone. This drug is widely used in various medical as well as non-medical uses also. This is a prescribed drug, which is available across the counter on presenting a prescription. There are many kinds of this drug available in the market. This drug is also available in the market by name of Winstrol and Winstrol depot. The drug is available in form of a pill as well as an injection


As compared to other drugs there are certain Stanozolol effects and side effects. For one this drug has a higher anabolic and androgenic ratio. The drug is known for treating certain cases like growth of tissue, healing and repair of damaged human tissue. This drug is generally prescribed in case of post-surgery repair, burns, infection and various skin disorders. That is not all; the drug is also used to treat deficiency in pituitary growth and vein thrombosis.

Stanozolol effects and side effects

Now, that we know for what the dug is used, we can go ahead with the side effects

Here are a few minor side effects associated with Stanozolol

  • Increased bouts of acne
  • Skin turns oily
  • Change in voice as it becomes deeper and hoarse in texture
  • Increase in growth of facial hair
  • Triggers hormonal changes
  • Excessive consumption might cause jaundice
  • Triggers nausea and pain in the abdominal region
  • Swelling in legs and ankles
  • Yellow Skin and
  • Unusual bleeding
  • Change in urine and stool color.
  • Prolonged use of this drug might even lead to infertility
  • Excess exposure to the drug can damage the immunity system.

Here are a few mental and psychological side effects

Consumption of this drug over a period of time can lead to certain psychological effects like as follows:

-Patient might turn hostile

-Impaired Judgment

-Patient might feel nervous

-Patient might feel irritated

-Might trigger bipolar ailments like depression

Long term side effects

This drug, if consumed for a long time might cause serious adverse effects on the patient. The affect might be as serious as tumors developed on the liver, negative effect on the cardiac system, in men it might lead to prostate cancer, damaging heart, infection in form of skin diseases and so on.

Women who are pregnant or on breastfeeding should not have this medication. Remember this medicine can have serious and adverse effect on the mother and child.

Also, this medication is not compatible with various other medicines like blood pressure and sugar medicines. As a result the combination of these drugs might turn fatal. Hence, it is crucial that the medications are only consumed after a proper consultation with the doctor. Ensure that you undergo a proper investigation and then consult the doctor with your history of ailments to ensure that effects of this drug does not back fire on your health and worsen your condition by increasing the complications.