Travel is Good For Your Health

Is your job driving you crazy? Are you feeling so overwhelmed that you are about to snap? If the weights of this life are weighing heavy on you than it might be time for you to travel someplace far far away. Travel might actually be what the doctor ordered. While exercise, eating a balanced meal and meditation might help in times of need, sometimes the burdens of life are so heavy that the only thing that would do you any good would be to just escape for a while. Traveling not only makes us happy but could also help to fight off your agonizing stress and anxiety. According to an article in the New York Times, Americans are taking fewer vacations, holidays and sick days. Perhaps this might explain the increase in rates of stress and stress related illnesses. There appears to be evidence that taking a trip and traveling can actually be good for your health. So if it is a toss up between exercise or Bahamas, I vote clear waters and white sandy beaches. Bahamas here I come!

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