Three Tips to Stay Fit and Healthy

Could you name a single guy who doesn’t want to stay fit and healthy? We all want tohave a well toned body, but only a few of us take the right step of indulging in physical exercise. The reason responsible for this is that we live a complex lifestyle. At times we are too lazy to do exercise; moreover, we don’t follow any diet plan which could play a hindrance in your unaccounted eating.

Untitled several health benefits and you can consume it on a daily basis. Here are well proven tips to keep your mind, body and soul fit and fine. The best part is that these tips are simple and easy to follow.

Start Your Day with a Big Breakfast

Experts opine to make the first meal of your day as the biggest meal. It must be full of all the necessary nutrients to provide your body all the required elements. You can have a glass of low-fat milk and a bowl of cereal and add strawberries or fresh fruits to it.

Few of us try to skip the breakfast in order to lose weight or due to insufficient time in the morning. This is absolutely an unhealthy habit, which you must quit. People who do this are not aware of the negative aspects of his skipping your breakfast;it increases the cholesterol in your blood and decreases the insulin level. After skipping your breakfast your craving to eat more will enhance and eventually you will end up consuming more calories than required.

Indulge in a Physical Activity

The only formula to keep your body fit is by staying active. You can try several fitness regimes designed by experts. You can find them on the World Wide Web. If you cannot do a physical exercise continuously for one hour, then incorporate small routines in your lifestyle. You can opt for 30 minutes physical activity or do 10 minute exercises three times a day. When you have time make sure to walk to your friend’s house, staying at walking distance. Do not forget to cycle whenever you get a chance and prefer to use the stairs instead of escalators.

You can try different types of exercises like you can jog in your nearby Park or simply walk for 15 minutes on a treadmill. There are several other activities also like jogging, skipping, biking, and walking.

Balanced Diet

Making a diet plan and to follow is essential when you want to have a well toned body. If you are following a plan, you can eat anything, but refrain yourself from overeating. Suppose you take three big meals in a day, split these three meals into six parts and consume them at regular intervals. When you will like eating something, stay away from unhealthy snacks like French fries, potato chips and Coca-Cola. Prefer home-made snacks, which are healthy and providea good amount of protein and vitamins for your body.

In order to keep your brain fresh you can eat fish or consume fish oil, which contains omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids increase your brain power and prevent the hardening of arteries thus reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. You can also purchase herbal products from