The Uniqueness of Italian Cuisine

The five words that best describe Italian cuisine are Tradition, Quality, Simplicity, Health and Fantasy. The New World discovery and influences of various other countries and traditions have summed up to be the present day Italian cuisine. We have often witnessed the use of bell peppers, tomatoes and potatoes in Italian food, but that too found its place only after the 18th century.

Italian food is special because of the local and regional traditions that it follows; it is interesting to see how one dish can be prepared in different ways within the radius of a small area. Tortellini is one such preparation, the originality of which is still disputed between the neighboring cities of Bologna and Modena.

Both the places claim to be the founders of the original recipe; the differences however, can be drawn to the political and social changes in the places. Till date some of the very popular and loved Italian dishes, such as the Polenta, which is served as a specialty in Restaurants, claim their origin in the bleak houses of the Italian poor classes.

The next unique feature of this cuisine, that is quality, is unmatched. This quality is not just of the ingredients, but also of the cooking processes as well as the presentation of the dishes. Everything used in the dish is strictly under the supervision of safety rules. The Italians are so concerned about using the best quality things that it reflects on the way they produce too. The production process is of a very high standard both in the factory as well as the home made food.

Whether it is the Parmigiano cheese (a huge quantity of which is exported) or the egg pasta, prepared in the industry or at home, it is given the same amount of attention and care in their production.

Italian food does not require the involvement of too many things to make it delicious. It is this simplicity which is the next uniqueness of the cuisine. Only a handful ingredients, say for example the famous caprese salad, a classic Italian starter, is nothing but the union of Mozzarella, tomatoes, olive oil and oregano. They believe in the saying “less is more”.

The use of fewer ingredients also makes the Italian food healthy to a great extent. Olive oil is a healthier replacement for butter and cream, for instance. And moreover, the Italians consider readymade sauces a shame, and prefer everything fresh made and in fact make it rigorously. The fantasy part of an Italian dish lies in the improvisation capacity of its creators.

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