The Most Ideal Clinic for Fat Grafting

The surgical procedure ‘fat grafting’ refers to the method of transferring of fat from the areas  you’ve its excess amount like the outer part of thighs, and then injecting it into the areas which may have lacking in shape or volume. As of day, fat grafting procedure is done mostly for breast reconstructions or for reforming defects of face, hands or buttocks by eminent physicians in highly advanced high-tech clinics.

The long-term, safe, natural looking procedure has become extremely popular in the recent years and countless people these days undergo effective fat grafting procedures by the most efficient dermatologists at DermASAP, one of the leading dermatology clinics in Massachusetts founded by Dr.Kenneth M Reed.

Consideration of Fat Transfer

Typically you can be a prospective client for fat transfer under the following circumstances:

  • In case, your facial parts appear sunken or wrinkled;
  • If you wish to eliminate scars on your facial part or on hands etc;
  • You wish improving your body curve, which has lost its normal form due to long sickness, aging or constant depression and so on;
  • In order to revitalize your facial look or hands;
  • And, last but not the least, for breast reconstruction;

Benefits of the Procedure

AUTOLOGOUS fat, the procedure that involves surgical procedure with your own body fat, has been established as completely protected and enduring where the risk of allergic reaction from foreign substances never takes place in long-term. In big facilities like DermASAP, fat transfer method is done with great care and through non-invasive surgical method. Thus, here patients can undergo natural, safe long-lasting fat transfers with bare minimum discomfort.

Fitness for Fat Transfer

As you think of having a fat grafting procedure and meet Dr.Kenneth M Reed MD; you are examined by his core team of experts to ensure your fitness level for a fat transfer process. In fact, the whole idea of fat-grafting is filling up or augmentation of volume-lacking body parts.

And for this, you must possess donor areas out of which fat can be withdrawn. Apart from your physical fitness that are must for any surgical process like normal blood pressure or blood insulin level, you must not have any blood circulation related problem or any other weak medical condition. Fat grafting surgery is done in three different phases:

  1. Extraction of required fat out of the unwanted or mass volume areas like hips through liposuction procedure and management of the area;
  2. Processing, management and centrifugation of the extracted mass;
  3. Reinjection or placement of the processed fat into the deficient body parts;

Dr. Kenneth Reed is a globally distinguished dermatologist. The esteemed physician and associate of Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital is also the founder of DermASAP. The specialized dermatology clinic has been outfitted with state-of-the-art facilities and highly talented medical team. Led by Dr. Reed, the facility offers wide range of clinical solutions related to skin diseases and dermatology related areas. He is into medical practices for over 25 years and is supported by certification of the American Board of Dermatology.