Teeth whitening and Invisalign-Some Facts

While teeth whitening have become the go-to option to get rid of those blackened or yellowish teeth, one needs to know certain facts about teeth whitening. It is a treatment that is aimed at breaking down the stains and discoloration to lighten the colour of the teeth. However, only the colour of the natural teeth can be restored by whitening. Other external existing restorations need to be replaced to match the new whitened teeth. Dentist for teeth whitening in Gold Coast is of two types:

The in chair teeth whitening in which professional therapists administer a combination of bright light and uniquely-created solution to minimize the degree of stains and to remove discolouration. The whole process takes about an hour to complete.

Another procedure is the take-home kits. Completely tailor made to suit the requirements of the individual, this consists of a custom-molded tray which contains the impression of the persons’ teeth. This kit is meant to be used at home by just following the instructions issued by the dentist.

For getting the best results for teeth whitening the two methods are often combined.

Benefits of whitening

The primary benefit of teeth whitening is a bright dazzling smile and correspondingly a boost to the level of self-confidence and reduction of self consciousness. The overall effect of using teeth whitening dentist in Gold Coast is an improved appearance.

Disadvantages of whitening

Undergoing a dental bleaching procedure may give rise to painful experience of soreness of teeth and gums. The soreness is caused due to the sensitivity of the gums as they are exposed to the chemicals used in the bleaching process. The soreness is reduced by discontinuing the bleaching. Over-bleaching is another effect of teeth whitening. The teeth and gums may develop a higher sensitivity to hot and cold food products.

There are several benefits offered by Invisalign provider in Gold Coast such as:

  • It is practically undetectable hence it provides an individual the option to wear it discreetly.
  • Being removable has made it more flexible, thus increasing its popularity over traditional methods.
  • Oral hygiene has also become easily manageable by wearing Invisalign as they can be easily removed when the need arises.

Invisalign provider in Gold Coast provides alignment options for misaligned teeth. Developed mainly for children and teens, adults can also use this. Aligners are used which is changeable every 2 weeks. Custom made to fit the teeth of respective individuals, they comprises of transparent aligners which helps to straighten teeth.