Talk to a Foot Specialist about Bunion Surgery

Whilst many people experience relief from bunions by wearing wider footwear or using pads inside their shoes, these measures do not always work. If you are struggling with bunion pain, then you need to talk to a podiatrist about bunion surgery.

Surgery Is Not Normally Required Unless You Are in Pain

As a general rule, if your bunion is not causing you pain, you generally do not need to discuss surgery. Although bunions frequently get larger after a while, many people can still slow any progression with preventative care and the right kind of footwear. In addition, bunion surgery should never be considered for cosmetic purposes. If you are not experiencing pain and have surgery simply for aesthetic reasons, you can actually cause pain to surface at the affected site.

Therefore, a good candidate for bunion surgery is someone who is experiencing the type of foot pain that restricts them from pursuing everyday tasks, including wearing everyday footwear or walking. If you find it difficult to walk only a few blocks, then you need to speak to a foot surgeon in Perth about scheduling surgery for your foot.

Reasons for Having the Surgery

You are also a viable candidate for bunion surgery if your big toe is inflamed and swollen, especially if the condition cannot be improved with medicines or rest. A toe deformity is another reason for having the procedure done. This type of condition is displayed when the big toe drifts toward the smaller toes on the foot, causing a potential for the toes to cross one another. In addition, toe stiffness indicates the need for repair. If you cannot bend and straighten your big toe, then you need to make plans to undergo the procedure.

If you have found no pain relief by changing shoes, then you need to consult with a podiatric surgeon about the issue. In addition, you should talk at length about your condition if you are still in pain after taking NSAIDs, or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, such as ibuprofen. The ability of these types of drugs to control pain can differ greatly from one person to the next.

Improve Foot Functioning Whilst Lessening Pain

Therefore, bunion surgery is advised for improving foot functioning and lessening pain. As noted, a bunion is usually progressive. Therefore, once a second toe lies under or over a first toe, extra procedures are needed to take care of the lesser toes.

Bunion surgeries are represented by over 130 different procedures. However, the surgery basically involves the removal of a bunion whilst releasing tight ligaments and tightening looser ligaments. In addition, the surgery process typically includes cutting and realigning the metatarsal bone in the first position with screws or a K-wire.

Patients are given one of a variety of anaesthetics for the surgery.  Patients can select from a general anaesthesia, local anaesthesia combined with sedation, and a spinal block. Once the anaesthetic is administered, the surgery only takes about one hour. After the operation, the foot is dressed.

Patients are generally administered antibiotics before the surgery process. If you are taking certain medications then, you will be advised to either continue their use or to stop taking them.