Why fitness?

Fitness is required for every individual to stay healthy, happy and to live a long life! Human body requires not only physical fitness but mental fitness as well. Fitness is nothing but the overall well-being of an individual taking into account the mental as well as his/her physical health into account. A completely fit person creates a positive environment for himself/herself as well as for his/her family members, friends and colleagues etc. A completely healthy – both physically and mentally fit parent makes healthy, strong, fit and successful children thereby making a healthy family!

Fitness – To Do:

The primary concern of every individual in today’s stressful and fast mode of life is to reduce weight to stay healthy and to prolong the life span. In today’s hectic and highly monotonous and mechanical way of life, people hardly get enough time to concentrate on their health to stay fit. Lack of time, stressful environment at both work as well as home, lack of nutritional food and easily available junk and processed food adds to the problems. There is no time to allocate for a health/fitness programme on a regular basis. That is where either Red Indo or Red Thaicomes as a saviour!  The perfect partner for life in reducing excess weight, to shed all those unwanted kilos and to stay slim and fit forever thereby leading a happy and a stress-free life!


Weight Loss:

Obesity or being over-weight is the real health issue currently affecting each and every household in the world! Along with Obesity comes Diabetes, Cholesterol, Blood pressure, liver ailments such as Fatty liver disease, Heart disease which are purely life-style related diseases the world is currently facing now! The craze for easily available junk and ready-to-eat processed and canned food has worsened the health conditions especially in children. These are packed with large amounts of salts, cholesterol and fats that triggers all these life-style related ailments. With proper weight loss regime and exercises, meditation and Yoga or other fitness programmes, one can achieve the correct BMI (Body Mass Index) needed to maintain one’s physical and mental fitness. With all the above, eating freshly cooked home-made food packed with nutrition and a balanced-diet is very much the need of the hour now!

Body Building:

Body building is yet another channel through which an individual can achieve the required fitness level by shedding all those extra fats and build muscles to stay strong and fit.

Body building regime requires enormous dedication and the time that one needs to allocate especially for that purpose on a regular basis. Body building helps in losing all the unwanted fats and kilos and to strictly follow a healthy and a high protein diet to build muscles and to keep them strong. Body building helps an individual to stay fit away from life-style related diseases, to follow a diet rich in nutrition and to have a happy, healthy, fit and long life! It’s a lot of work and definitely cannot happen overnight! One can definitely achieve the desired results with lots of dedication, hard-work, courage and perseverance!

How to achieve?

By staying fit, we live a healthy, happy and a long meaningful life full of achievements and success not only for us but for our dear and near ones as well. That’s where either Red Indo or Red Thai does the wonders and helps towards achieving the goals and reaching the targets within the specified timeframe. With continuous efforts and constant dedication towards achieving the goals one can reduce weight or build strong muscles to stay fit always to live a healthy, happy and a long life!