Online Appointment Schedule for Dentists – Louisiana Company LocalMed

You can book flights, manage bank accounts, and find service providers for just about anything all on the internet. Now you can schedule your next dentist appointment online thanks to the new service provided by software company, LocalMed. You can find, schedule, and remember your next dental appointment at your fingertips at

LocalMed was created to solve the issue of managing health-care appointments that can be troublesome to schedule and remember. Many dentists would like to make this easier on their patients but they fear opening up the schedules would cause havoc on their day.

This is where a company called LocalMed comes in. LocalMed recognized this demand from patients, but took the time to listen to concerns from dentists,and build the first live, online dental scheduling platform.

LocalMed started as an idea by several LSU students at the Louisiana Business & Technology Center’s Student Incubator in 2011 in Baton Rouge. LocalMed gained the attention of former State Sen. Marty Chabert and start-up veteran Keith English, founder and CEO of LeadRev, a $36 million-a-year software company. Seeing the potential of LocalMed, English took on the role of visionary founder and CEO and went live in May 2014.

“After spending extensive time studying and working with dentists, we have developed a system that caters directly to the needs of both patients and practices,” says English.

English explains in more detail how the system works in order to show differences between their system and other scheduling companies currently available. “Direct integration with practice management systems allows patients to view all availabilities for their particular appointment type and select the most convenient time and date for them.Unlike other systems available, once an appointment is selected using LocalMed it is a confirmed appointment, not an appointment request, and requires no further contact between the patient and provider.”

People are able to book appointments through LocalMed whether for themselves or children/dependants using the LocalMed platform 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For example, you can search for Baton Rouge Dentists and find the right one for you that has the right schedule availability.

In an effort to bring online scheduling to the masses, LocalMed formed a partnership with United Concordia dental insurance, which has over 98,700 dentists and over 7 million members. LocalMed recognized that their technology could bring convenience to United Concordia’s members and providers alike. In September 2014, LocalMed’s online scheduling capabilities were made available on the insurance company’s Find a Dentist page. Dentists who sign up for LocalMed receive the scheduling widget next to their name, and are featured at the top of the results. This marks the first time ever that patients areable to schedule an appointment directly from their insurance company’s website.

LocalMed has big plans for the next year, and online scheduling is just the first step. They have identified what they call the “appointment process,” which includes basically all of the steps that are taken on both the patient and provider sides prior to an appointment. LocalMed wants assist in all of these steps in order to simplify the entire appointment process for everyone.

Explanding rapidly, LocalMed is continually expanding across the United States even opening in smaller locations such as Slidell, Louisiana. Open in 16 states and counting.