Meningioma-A Type Of Brain Tumor

Meningioma is slowly growing tumors that grow in our brains. Meninges are the part of the brain that of the body that protects your brain and the structures related to it. It is not exactly same as brain tumor as it does not enter the brain but this the most commonly found tumor in the head. They are often growing without symptoms so it is most commonly detected at old age. This has caused this disease to be linked with older people.

This disease does not cause any significant symptoms in the affected person and does not usually require any kind of immediate treatment so there is time for the doctors to decide the treatment plan. But a very keen observation is required some symptoms of meningioma like memory loss. It begins in the same as simple headaches, hearing loss or ringing in the ears and can go serious enough to cause loss of smell, memory loss and changes in vision. Emergency care is required if in case a seizure occurs. The interesting fact about meningioma is that this disease is often discovered by coincidence due to some scan that may be done for unrelated reasons like headaches or head injury.

There are certain reasons why meningioma occurs. It is said that due to the hormonal factors it occur more frequently in women. Radiation treatment in earlier life is a risk factor for managers and obesity is another risk factor. The body mass index indicating obesity is also a risk factor for many types of cancers, including meningioma. High blood pressure is also a reason for meningioma. Now, most of the meningioma is benign but still a biopsy is needed in case it turns out to be cancerous.

The hormones in women that are also linked to the breast cancer are also suspected to cause this disease. Radiation therapy that is given in brain cancer or brain tumor treatment has also increase known to increase the risk of meningioma. Cell phone use is yet not related to meningioma. Usually the treatment plans suggested are usually observation of the tumor and its growth rate. A CT scan is done to detect a tumour. To confirm meningioma sometimes biopsy is also done to know that if it is not a cancer.

Meningioma treatment in India is done at many cancer research hospitals and also at hospitals having specialists in neurology. During the treatment both neurologist and oncologist need to be present and consulted. If a surgery is done anaesthologist and other assistant staff are required. The follow up after the surgical removal of the tumor is required, so you need to find a residence near the hospital you are getting yourself treated in.

Sometimes it is not possible to remove the meningioma tumor completely because it may be located in the delicate structures. Radiation therapy is required in case if the tumour is more than two inch in size otherwise no radiation is required. Some scans are done as follow treatment to see if the tumor has been removed successfully.

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