Liquid suspension medication: Things to keep in mind

Most people tend to think that steroids exist only in oral form. The truth is that liquid steroids are actually quite popular. It is most commonly used by children as a prescription drug when they suffer difficulty swallowing other forms of oral steroids. Bodybuilders and athletes also use anabolic steroid which comes in liquid form and can be injected. Steroids which are made as a liquid suspension, often transcends general purposes of body building. It is used in case of asthma, certain autoimmune diseases, allergies, severe sinus infections, and in some cases even croup.

Young patients often complain while taking an oral suspension of steroids because of the taste. This is because the suspension has potential to be very bitter. Mostly sweeteners and flavors are added to mask the taste and make it bearable. Even though it makes it expensive, it makes them significantly more palatable, especially for young children. Certain side effects have been observed even with the prescription liquid options. Children are known to be more susceptible to these and the potential side effects include:

  • Yeast Infections – Adults and children who consume the liquid forms of steroids may suffer from yeast infections. Adults are more likely to deal with this symptom, since they are prescribed higher doses of steroids than children are.
  • Delayed Growth – Some research has shown that taking these steroids has the potential to delay the growth of children. However, this side effect generally only occurs with long term use.
  • Thinning Bones – Regular use of steroids has the potential to result in the thinning of bones, which could increase the risk of osteoporosis.
  • Adrenal Suppression – Since the steroids are coming from another source, the body often loses some of its ability to make its own steroids. Adrenal suppression may result in other health issues.

Thus it is best advised that potential users consult a medical practitioner regarding the effects of this drug and your medical history and allergies. Dosage should be finalized after consulting an expert. Most common side effects in children are Weight gain changes in mood, difficulty sleeping, mild irritation, mild pain and hoarseness. In spite of these potential side effects it is still one of the best options for dealing with asthma and other conditions. It is fair to say that the positive effects of taking liquid corticosteroids can outweigh the potential side effects.

When it comes to performance enhancing drugs, injectable steroids, often referred to as liquid steroids, are anabolic steroids that come in liquid, injectable forms.The injectable options are generally more stable, offering improved gains and greater safety. Some common injectable options include Omnadren, Deca-Durabolin, and Equipoise etc.

Side effects are prevalent in case of anabolic steroids made as a liquid suspension as well. Even though the probability of side effects varies greatly depending on the individual response, dose size, and the specific steroid, certain common effects have been found out. One of the most common side effects of oral steroids is liver toxicity, since most anabolic steroids can be toxic to the liver.