Know the Top 7 Steroids in 2017

If you are aiming to improve your physical appearance, strength, and endurance, you would want to know the best steroids that are available in the market. However, you should be aware of the different types of steroids first before anything else. There are two types of steroids; corticosteroids or anabolic steroids.

Anabolic steroids are the most popular amongst bodybuilders, weightlifters, and even athletes. This is mainly because of its capability to increase muscle mass and promises better physique and performance. Scientifically speaking, steroids are chemically enhanced testosterone. Even though the body produces natural testosterone, some are still using steroids for better performance.

What are the Most Popular Steroids?

There are quite a number of steroids that are available in the market. They can be in forms of injection, transdermal patch, topical cream, inhaled and oral forms like pills and tablets.

  • Dianabol (D-bol). If you’re gonna ask experienced bodybuilders about the steroid that they can recommend, Dianabol will surely be on the list. This is popular among users but is also often abused. When you want a faster increase in muscle mass strength, Dbol is the steroid for you.


  • Compared to other anabolic-androgenic steroids, Anavar is reported to be safer than the others. Most men and women prefer this since it can help them gain lean muscle mass and a better result for the toned physique.

  • Winstrol. If you want to boost muscle mass, increase strength and speed and to have a better physique, you’ll get all of this with Winstrol. This is also the preferred drug by women for cutting.

  • Deca Durabolin. When a bodybuilder or athlete wants to increase muscle mass, size, physique and improve athletic performance, Deca is the trusted steroid for most users. This is reported to be the on top of being the best steroid for strength and power output.

  • Trenbolone. Not all steroids are effective for both bulking and cutting. However, Trenbolone is designed for these two. This is not only popular with users who are preparing for competitions but also to non-competing steroid users. Trenbolone increases nitrogen retention as well as red blood cell production which results in impressive muscle growth.


  • Anadrol. This is not safe for women due to its powerful effect even at the beginning of the cycle. You can only use this for a short period of time if you want faster results in muscle and strength gains.

  • Testosterone. The original, the one and only bodybuilding supplement that is the origin of all anabolic steroids in the market. A user prefers this for impressive muscle gains. Increased strength and stamina was also reported and it aids in fast recovery.

Steroid Side Effects

It is a fact that when someone uses steroids, potential side effects should be expected. According to the medical society, steroids should only be used for a short period of time to avoid these adverse effects. When using any anabolic steroids, you must remember that the higher the dosage and frequency of injections, higher potential side effects risk is also possible.

Even the best oral steroids can have side effects, with prescription or not. Weight gain is the most common side effect reported by users. Thinning of the bones is the risk that most users should watch out for especially those who are using steroids for non-medical use. Any steroid available is known to have an effect with mood swings and change in behavior.

Too much of anything is bad for us. We have to take into consideration all the possible effects of everything that we invest in our body. Steroids are very helpful for a lot of reasons, both for medical and non-medical purposes. We must always remember that following the manufacturer’s instructions or the doctor’s dosage suggestion would be better for anyone who is planning to take steroids.