Knee Surgeons: Knee Arthroscopy


Knee surgery falls under the broad spectrum of orthopedics. Orthopedics is a medical field that mainly focuses on the musculoskeletal system. Knee surgeons are the doctors in this field who specialize in the knee area. One of the most common knee procedures performed by these doctors is known as Knee Arthroscopy. This procedure is carried out in order for the doctor to diagnose as well as treat conditions of the knee joint.

What happens during the procedure is that the surgeon inserts a small camera known as an arthroscope into the knee after making a small incision. What this tiny camera does is that it enables the surgeon to see the inside of the joint via a screen. Because he or she will be able to see inside the knee, it is possible to evaluate any problem that might be there. If correction is necessary, the doctor will use small tools to correct the problem.

There are various knee problems that can be diagnosed using Arthroscopy, including a misaligned patella or torn meniscus. In as far as risks are concerned, this type of procedure has minimal risks and most patients recover well. The time you will take to recover usually depends on how bad the knee problem was, as well as how complex the procedure was. The doctor is most likely to recommend a Knee Arthroscopy if you are someone suffering from knee pain. Although he might already have an idea of what the problem is, it is always best to undergo this procedure in order to confirm the cause of the pain and then provide treatment.

There are a number of knee injuries that knee surgeons are able to diagnose as well as treat with this type of surgery. Examples include torn anterior, an out of position patella, torn meniscus, torn cartilage pieces which are loose in the joint, known as Knee Arthroscopy, swollen synovium, as well as Baker’s cyst removal. During the procedure, the first thing that happens is that the patient is given an anesthetic. There are basically three forms of anesthetic that may be used; local which basically numbs the knee only, regional anesthetic which will numb the patient from the waist down or general anesthetic that puts you to sleep.

After the anesthetic has been administered, the doctor will make a couple of tiny incisions in the knee. Afterwards, in order to expand your knee, sterile salt water is pumped into the knee. The expanding of the knee is necessary for it allows the doctor to have a clear view of what is inside the joint. The surgeon then takes the arthroscope and inserts it into the small incision. He will be able to look at the inside of the joint using a camera that is attached to the device on a monitor.

So if you are one of the many people who suffer from knee pain, maybe what you need is an Arthroscopic Surgery. There are many reputable knee surgeons that can help you diagnose and treat your knee condition.