Improvements in Real Estate with the help of Google Partners

The business of Real Estate requires a large sum of investment, along with an exposure both locally and globally. The investment in real estate is completely useless with proper exposure and marketing. Now, as we speak of marketing the only thing that comes to our mind in the 21st century is Digital Marketing. It is the best and fastest method of spreading awareness among the competitors that your business is growing. Digital marketing requires highly skilled professionals for successful campaigns. In such matters Google Partners Singapore is the best option. The services of Google have both ability and efficiency to help you excel in the world of marketing.

Why should real estate agencies join Google partners?

Becoming a member of Google Partners helps an agency stand aloft in the crowd, especially in the field of real estate where competition is very high. Google Partners help the agencies to deliver the goods to the customers. Necessary and correct information is passed to the customers. Help from Google in terms of sales, technical, executive, account and marketing is readily available. To join Google Partners, one has to fulfill certain basic criteria’s and then see his business flourish on the global platform.

Google Partners Badge requirements

In order to get certified for Google Partners, an agency needs at least one member of the organization to be certified for ad words. For ad words certification, a score of 85% for fundamentals and 80% for advanced exams is necessary. To keep the certification valid the fundamentals certificate has to be renewed every year and advanced every 2 years.

In terms of spending, the MCC (My Client Center) account has to fulfill certain criteria’s. A minimum of 10,000 USD has to be spent on ad words in the last 90 days. The activity of spending has to be done for at least 60 days among the 90. The account must be old by 90 days.

The agency needs to present an account of the measures taken by them to master the practices mentioned in the Google Partners certification. Google will review the support the customers of the agency is getting, along with changes the agency is adopting to from time to time and based on this review the certification is awarded. The review also includes as to how the agency is utilizing its revenues, retention of the clients and proper use of the client budget. The accounts of client linked with the MCC account is also reviewed periodically.