Illegal Pot Dispensaries Raided in Toronto

In May, 2016, Toronto police raided 45 illegal marijuana dispensaries and seizednearly 270 kilograms of cannabis. There has been a lot of confusion lately among general public about the laws regarding marijuana. The recent raids came as a relief to the citythat has seen significant increase in unlicensed sellers.

The businesses that grow medical marijuana legally were relieved as the raids were in their interest. Before the raids, selling marijuana was easier than selling a hot dog down the street. The many dispensaries that claimed they were selling medical marijuana were simply doing illegal business as they were not licensed. There are businesses that sell pot purely for medical use and in accordance with the law. GrowLegally provides only patients with prescription medical marijuana and also serves as a medical marijuana license consultant.

The confusion spread among people when the Liberal government announced that they plan to legalize marijuana for recreational purposes next year. The legalization of pot for recreational purposes at federal level is long due. This has angered activists who have been asking for legalization for quite some time now.

The current law is very clear cut that it is illegal to sell or buy marijuana for recreational use but legal for medical purposes. Patients with prescription for marijuana only can get medical marijuana from any licensed dispensary.

Following this chaos and confusion, the Toronto Board of Health is pressing the federal government to clarify rules regarding pot. They have passed a motion for a regulatory framework to be provided immediately. They believe that the government has left the law open for interpretation and created a vacuum for illegal pot sellers to benefit from the situation.

Ilegal dispensaries sell marijuana to anyone who walks in. They sell edibles like cookies, brownies and drinks containing pot without going through any legal paperwork. The legalization has been postponed until next year and there lies an immediate need to address the regulatory problems with the medical marijuana. The problem is not just there in Toronto, it is spreading to other major cities as well.

The board has also passed two other motions. They are asking for an educational campaign about the disadvantages of recreational use of cannabis. They have proposed that tax revenues from medical marijuana should go to low income communities especially those affected by the legalization.

The notion that marijuana should be legalized is still disputed among many. Nevertheless, the current chaos calls for immediate actions and a more rigorous and detailed framework. The Toronto raids resulted in the arrest of 90 people who will be charged with illegal procession, trafficking and criminal charges. The government has yet to respond to the ongoing chaos and to the motions passed by the board.

There is still a year left for marijuana to be legalized federally for recreational use. Until such a law is passed, pot remains illegal for recreational purposes. Legal medical marijuana businesses are feeling the adverse effects of illegal sellers. Therefore, it is essential that the government takes matters in hand and clarify laws to the people.