How To Prevent Chronic Kidney Diseases With Dr. Manuel Abrante, MD

Preventing kidney failure is of critical importance if you want to have a healthy lifestyle. However, if you have been diagnosed with chronic kidney failure at an early stage then it is possible for you to curb the progress of the disease and lead a normal life. Dr. Manuel Abrante, MD is a reputed nephrologist from Mesa in Arizona, United States who has made it his mission to spread awareness on the prevention of chronic kidney diseases. This is to ensure that people are aware of the disease and measures that they need to take to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Like all leading nephrologists, Dr. Manuel Abrante , MD emphasizes that prevention of a disease is always better than its cure. With the right awareness and information, it is possible for individuals to prevent chronic renal failure. This saves them from having a kidney transplant in the case of permanent damage or dialysis to remove the accumulate fluids and waste products from the blood.

High blood pressure, heart diseases, diabetes, obesity, smoking and high cholesterol are some of the common causes of chronic kidney diseases. However, high blood pressure and diabetes are the main culprits behind most chronic kidney failure. Dr. Manuel Abrante, MD states that it is possible to prevent this disease even if you have a family history of kidney disease. Even people diagnosed with a kidney disease can prevent their kidneys from failing and enhance its functioning. For this, you need to exercise regularly and take the right medication while maintaining a healthy diet in order to manage your blood pressure and diabetes.

Dr. Manuel Abrante, MD states that people should have their blood pressure checked at regular intervals and take medical tests for diabetes. It is equally important for you to test your urine for excess glucose and protein or for blood in your urine. To check the sugar levels in your blood, you should undergo a blood fasting glucose test or hemoglobin A1C test. The hemoglobin A1C test shows the average glucose levels in the blood for the last three months.

You should also consider taking a creatinine test. This test indicates the level of waste that you produce from muscle activity. When your kidneys are not functioning properly, the creatinine level rises. Dr. Manuel Abrante says that it is essential for you to undergo such tests. If there is an abnormal reading in any of the tests, you need to take more tests to confirm whether you have a chronic kidney disease.

For people suffering from a chronic kidney disease, it is important for them to keep their blood sugar levels under control. Dr. Manual Abrante will personally formulate treatment plan, which will comprise of diet, medication and exercise apart from monitoring the glucose levels in the blood. He will also prescribe medicines to control sugar levels in the blood. This will go a long way in enhancing the function of the kidneys and preventing their decay.

The patients under his care and peers in the medical profession love and admire Dr. Manuel Abrante, MD. He is one of the leading nephrologists in Mesa, Arizona today and will ensure that all his patients get the best kidney care treatment.