How to Keep Your Mobility Scooter Rolling Along

Many people who have mobility issues due to poor health or injuries depend on mobility scooters to leave their homes. Some people even need them inside of their houses because they can no longer walk or are unstable on their feet. If you’re dependent on a mobility scooter, then you need to maintain it so it can continue to help you keep moving.

Battery Usage

The most important component of a scooter is the battery since it powers the entire device. After using your scooter or mobility chair, you need to charge it so it is ready for the next time you need to leave your home. Ideally, you should charge it eight to ten hours at a time or the time recommended in the scooter’s manual. However, if it is already charged at 80% or more, then it won’t need to be plugged in to be recharged.

Tire Wear

Although they are very durable, the tires on your mobility scooter will eventually wear down. Regularly check them to make sure there are no punctures in the tires, check to see if they are inflated, and check the treads for wear. If you need to replace the tires on your scooter or powerchair, you should be able to buy new ones from dealers that sell mobility equipment in Notts.

Consider Insurance

To protect your investment in your scooter, you should consider insuring it. Mobility scooter insurance will cover accidental damage, theft, and breakdowns.

If you depend on your scooter to get out of the house or even move around freely in your home, then you need to insure it in case something happens to it. Mobility scooters and their replacement parts can be expensive so you should know when to fix them to stay on the move.