How Pilates Improves Your Health and Well being

Pilates is extremely popular these days among people of all ages and all walks of life as more and more people realise just how beneficial it can be for their health and wellbeing. This is because the main aim of Pilates is to strengthen the body evenly and with emphasis on improving posture, muscle tone and relieving stress, which has endeared it to many people of both genders across the world.

What’s more, as there are Pilates centres located in most areas, if you’re looking for a great way to get in shape and feel great, then why not look for a Pilates centre near you and join a class? As most centres offer first-timers a free first lesson, you’ve got absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain by giving it a go!

Strength, Posture, Flexibility and Bodyweight

Pilates is an excellent muscle-strengthening exercise so it helps to improve strength and posture which also has the effect of improving flexibility and keeping people at a healthy body weight (when combined with a healthy and balanced diet).

The exercises are mostly performed on a mat with some using equipment that uses cables, pulleys, handles and straps, so it’s similar to some weightlifting exercises but with more emphasis on resistance and support. South Perth Pilates classes are very popular among people who may be put off the idea of going to a gym and working out with heavy weights, as for many people that simply isn’t the ideal way to get in shape, especially among those who haven’t led active lives for very long.

So, that’s how it improves strength, but how does it improve posture? As the focus of Pilates is to strengthen the body equally and evenly, it focuses a lot on the core, which helps people to stand straighter. The stronger your core, the better able you are to keep your back straight and your shoulders pulled back. Additionally, this also has the effect of improving flexibility, which is a major benefit to Pilates.

Stress Reduction and Enhanced Wellbeing

According to many studies conducted over the past decade or so, Pilates has an excellent effect on stress and tension which helps people to enjoy better overall wellbeing, though how it does this isn’t exactly clear. How it is believed to help reduce stress and tension is because it’s a muscle-strengthening activity that focuses a lot on stretching and breathing, both of which are great for reducing stress and helping people to feel better!

Pilates has plenty to offer all people of all ages. Whether you’re an athlete and you’re looking for a great way to improve your flexibility to reduce the likelihood of injury, you’ve been inactive for too long and you’re interested in Pilates because it can help you to tone up, or you’d like to improve your posture with exercises that focus on your core, Pilates can help you. Why not look for a Pilates centre in your local area and give it a try today?