How much of your gains you retain?

Steroids can help you gain weight. Steroid gains generally apply to muscle size, mass, and strength.

There are a lot of pros and cons in gaining weight, the most sensational being the muscle gains, which why most people take steroids.

Some conditions can benefit from the weight gains that some steroids can initiate, but it all depends on goals, current age and health status, and other factors.

Be aware of the potential for negative or positive weight changes.

Do steroids make you gain weight?

Some steroids, including corticosteroids like Prednisone can (see the Prednisone weight gain 5 days pictures). This is truer of someone who is on a long-term treatment plan such as a person diagnosed with lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, or asthma.

Steroid gains can be impressive for some, but always remember that muscle weighs more than fat – or does it? While one pound of muscle and one pound of fat can weigh much the same, density and volume also come into play.

You can decreasebody fat percentage while at the same time maintaining the same amount of weight. However, as muscle mass increases and body fat percentage decreases, you may appear thinner, even though your weight on the scale hasn’t budged an inch.

These can also be seen in increased weight, depending on the individual. While muscle tissue is denser than that of fat, massive increase in muscle size will also equate to increase in the weight of that muscle.

Anyone taking any kind of steroid (anabolic-androgenic or corticosteroid) should be prepared for some weight gain. Not everyone will produce the same results in the same places, but adding weight is relatively common.

While a bodybuilder may be perfectly happy with those 1-month cycle results, others are not.

To encourage gains in muscle mass and not fat mass, watch the diet, exercise regularly, and consult with a physician if you have concerns regarding steroids and weight gain, regardless of application method: inhaled, topical, oral, or injection.


One of the most popular androgens used today is testosterone. Testosterone injections can promote gains not only in musculature, but in changes within the metabolic system.In this way, steroids and weight gainhave been linked to increased appetite and fluid retention, which naturally increases weight.

Steroids or hormones that behave like steroids, such as corticosteroids and testosterone, can have an influence on not only the endocrine system, but metabolism.

Exercise, dietary habits, and lifestyle can have an influence onhow much muscle you can gain on steroids in a month.

How to lose those Steroid Gains

Exercise on a regular basis and watch your calorie intake.

It should be noted by anyone concerned about adding weight that for most part, it is temporary and will generally decline back to a normal range within six months to a year following the discontinuation of the steroid.

How much of your gains you retain? There are ways of keeping gains after steroid cycles.

They are also often the result of the aforementioned water/fluid retention. Steroids can interfere with the regulation of water and components in the body such as electrolytes and sodium.