How do you tell a genuine holistic dentist?

When was the first time that you ever heard of a holistic dentist? Perhaps you were one of the lucky ones, and you grew up in a family that already know the value of holistic dental treatments and how much better it was to see a holistic dentist than a traditional dentist. Perhaps you discovered a holistic dentist through a personal recommendation. Perhaps you saw an advert for a holistic dentist and discovered them that way. Perhaps you are reading this article and discovering what a holistic dentist is for the first time! The trouble is that once you realize what you should be getting from your dentist, you find that the experience with a traditional dentist just doesn’t hold up any more. You want better for your teeth and your dental health, and that means searching for a genuine holistic dentist. But how can you tell if they are genuine or not?

Your first port of call is to ask them outright. It may sound a little daft to you, but if you ask a dentist whether they offer holistic dental treatments and they ask what holistic dental treatments are, then you know immediately that you are in absolutely the wrong place! Unlike some things, you cannot blag your way through a conversation about holistic dentistry, and if the dentist that you go and see cannot chat with you about why they decided to become a holistic dentist rather than a traditional one, then perhaps you need to start thinking about looking elsewhere.

If on the other hand the dentist that you go and visit seems to have a relatively good handle on what a holistic dentist is, then you can see what sort of dental treatments they offer you for whatever your teeth need. If you have not come across holistic dental treatments before then there are a few general rules of them that will help you to spot whether or not a treatment plan comes under that heading. Anything that involves mercury is absolutely a no: despite it being recognized for hundreds of years as a poison, there are still some dentists that offer mercury fillings as though that is going to make you feel better. Only traditional dentists offer mercury fillings, so if a ‘holistic’ dentist suggests that one of those is the best plan for you, then you can be pretty sure that their holistic credentials have not stacked up.

A slightly harder one to tell, but a useful one nonetheless, is whether they suggest that they x-ray you. Now, an x-ray is a great way to tell exactly where the damage is in your jawline once they have already realized that there is some there, and we would never say that ignoring and avoiding x rays altogether is the best plan for you. On the other hand, there are plenty of holistic dental treatments that do not require an x ray and so you need to be absolutely sure that you need one. Ask your dentist why it is that they want to x ray you, and if they can give a good explanation, then you are probably safe. If they state that they just want to do one for their records, get out of there. No one should be subjecting you to poisonous radiation just as a formality.

It can be hard to sense the holistic dental treatments when you first start looking for a holistic dentist, but over time you will get more accustomed to it – and of course, as soon as you find a true holistic dentist you will not have to worry about finding a new one!