HGH and usage

Usage of growth hormone in any country is strictly followed by certain set of rules. Normally the HGH products are targeted by set of people who have growth hormone deficiencies. These people when take medical treatment gets prescribed by set of supplements that are legal to get and use. But there are set of people who use these products to get a fit and toned body. These growth hormones induce the production of growth hormone in pituitary glands there by increasing the growth of muscles and bones. Though it is not easy to get these products legally inside any country without a valid prescription, there are many other backdoor ways to get hold of this product.

HGH usage in many counties

Since this induces growth hormone, and create many side effects these products are not classified or viewed as stable products. So in many countries using these products are severely banned. Though in some countries you can use this product with legal prescription. Some countries like Australia, UK and Canada are very strict and have tight guidelines to use these type of products. Possession of these drugs without valid prescription is seen illegal and severe actions are taken in various countries. Many countries, one among them is Canada also discourages the usage of these products. Strict rules such as giving jail term to offensive people is followed in Canada. Along with the tight restrictions, possession and trafficking in HGH is also seen high in many countries.

Why these many regulations?

HGH products cannot be viewed as purely growth hormone stimulating products. They come with their own side effects. These products are designed to boost the growth hormone produced in pituitary glands but to what extent can it be monitored and controlled is a major question. Though there are number of guidelines to be followed for the usage of these drugs, there are many slippages observed that leads to death of human in many cases. These drugs how effective it is depending on dosages and it varies from person to person. Also a person having a medical track of blood pressure and heart related diseases have to refrain from using these products. Even a healthy person who starts intake of these products will have to be under strict dosage for required period of time. Any prolonged usage or high dosage can lead to many complex medical conditions that are sometimes irreversible. Also these products are finding suppliers across the globe and many products are on raise. Due to these factors it has become very difficult to validate and approve every product available for sale.

How can HGH products be purchased?

After checking if a particular product is legal in your country, check if you need prescription for that product or not. Many online purchases don’t as for prescription and sells these products liberally than retail stores. Such type of purchases too is classified illegal in few countries like Canada. So understanding what is acceptable and what is not in your territory is a must. Buying online is at user’s risk as the possession and trafficking in HGH products has gone up in few days. Hence users are requested to do their own research, consult a physician if required and understand the dosage and usage limits before placing any order.