Get to know if e-cigarettes are safer than the regular cigarettes

Nowadays, e-cigs or electronic cigarettes are being marketed as the safe alternative to the traditional cigarettes. But, you might be wondering whether the e-cigs are really safe to smoke. This article helps you to learn what you need to know about e-cigarettes.

What are e-cigs and how it works?

E-cigarettes are the electronic devices which provide an alternative way to inhale nicotine, which is a stimulant drug that is found in the tobacco naturally. They have three components like the atomizer, battery and the liquid. The working of this e-cigarette is simple. The liquid which contains the flavor, nicotine and the other chemicals gets heated up and produces a vapor that could be inhaled. E-cigs are smokeless since it heats up the liquid instead of tobacco like in traditional cigarettes. However, some of the studies show that eye irritation and the respiratory inflammation may occur because of the chemical that is used in vapor creation.

Are e-cigs safer than the traditional cigarettes?

The main difference between the regular cigarette and the e-cigarette is that the e-cigs do not contain tobacco. Also, e-cigarettes have only some of the list of harmful chemicals that the traditional cigarettes have. One of the chemicals that you can find in both the conventional and electronic cigarettes is the nicotine which is very addictive in nature. E-cigs may contain only a few free radicals, which can damage the arteries and the veins since it is not smoke compared to the traditional cigarettes. It does not mean that e-cigarettes are safer for your heart since there is no studied proved yet that the e-cigarettes are less harmful than the regular ones. The numbers of teenagers who try to smoke e-cigs have been increasingly rapidly these days.  Even though they are considered as less risky when compared to traditional cigarettes, young people who get addicted to nicotine are exposing their lungs to some harmful chemicals.

You may have heard about e-hookahs, which is gaining huge popularity these days. E-cigs and e-hookahs may sound similar but there are some differences between them. Similar to e-cigs, e-hookah or a hookah pen is an electronic vaporizer that is easy to use and requires no cleaning. You can find these e-hookahs in many different tasty flavors in many online shops like hookah pen central. E-hookahs contain less nicotine than the e-cigs. Nowadays, many users are demanding for the zero nicotine hookah pens. You can do shop at hookah pen central for any of your hookah pen needs since they deal only with the hookah pen products in a wide range of flavors. You can check out online to find more about the zero nicotine e-hookahs.  Compared to traditional hookahs, e-hookahs are considered much safer. Like other hookahs, e-hookahs do not emit carbon-di-oxide and so it is considered as more eco-friendly. You can be able to smoke the e-hookahs anywhere and anytime you want.  Also, you can find only a few addictive ingredients in e-hookahs.  The cost of these e-hookahs varies depending on the size and flavor you select.  Each piece may have a different price.  Unlike hookahs, there is no ash at your place when you use e-hookahs.  You can do your own research online and get to know the difference between the traditional hookahs and the e-hookahs and decide which should be a better choice for you. If you decide to smoke e-cigs, then shop around for good deals. But, before that it is important to get to know about the health risks involved in that.  Check out online and get to know more about the e-cigarettes and e-hookahs and the difference between them.