Get the best tips on regulating Anavar cycle for muscle building

When it comes down to using Anavar for body building purposes, do you know the safe ways of regulating its dosage cycles? Are you aware of its side effects? Do they have any? All you need to know is that Anavar is a very body friendly steroid that gives you mild anabolic effects and thus helps in minimizing the rate undesired effects which are often caused due to administration of anabolic products for recreational purposes. The major mistake that most of the individuals do irrespective of the dietary supplementation product that they are using is that, they increase the dose strength without keeping a check on the tolerance power of the body for getting upgraded and fast results. Such an attempt is completely useless and moreover harmful since increasing the dosage without prior checking of the results can end you up with several side effects which can be temporary or seriously permanent as well. Therefore it is very crucial for you to know the exact dosage cycle and even if you wish to modify it according to your fitness goals, you should do that in front of a health expert. Effective guidance and dosage regulation under control are the two most important things to be taken care of while administering a dietary medication for body building activities.

Which is the safe dosage range?

Anavar is the brand name for the chemical compound Oxandrolone, which is present in higher quantities within the drug for yielding mild anabolic effects that can be easily tolerated by both male and female users. Therefore Anavar is safe to use if the dosage regulation is done within the range of 80 mg to 100 mg per day. But what happens when this safe zone is crossed? The 80 mg -100 mg range can be tolerated by the female body but when it exceeds 100 mg, it is considered as a higher dose and should be regulated only under expert guidance.

There are so many anabolic and androgenic steroidal products in the market but not all are considered very safe for female use. This is because most of the anabolic products are developed with the idea of regulating the stimulation of testosterone within the body in order to bring about desired muscle bulking effects. When the same happens within the female body, there are possible chances of getting  affected with masculine characteristics due to higher regulation of testosterone in the body. Such prospects are absent in the case of Anavar and that is why it is so popularly tagged as a girl’s steroid.

What are possible dangerous sides of Anavar?

Being an anabolic steroidal product, even Anavar has some extents of causing anabolic drug related side effects but in a milder way such as acne and loss of hair.

Oxandrolone is derived from an active derivative of testosterone called dihydrotestosterone or DHT, from where it gets its anabolic properties. Despite that, Anavar is safe to use for specially female body builders if regulated properly.