Get the best solution of removing Bad dog breath

People should always take care of their health to live life happily and along with that they also take a good care of their pets as human beings can easily communicate, but in case of pets they are unable to express themselves in front of people.  Hence, the owner should understand the health problem of their pets. One of the common but serious problems of pet dogs is bad dog breath. If anyone feels that his pet dog’s breath is bad, then he should immediate contact with the specialist to know the reason behind it to give a proper treatment.

Why the dog owner should be careful about dog breath?

Bad breath is symptoms of different kind of diseases, but in common halitosis disease is assumed which happens due to infection. Many times in the old dogs canines get infected and as a result, these dogs lose their teeth. But, they feel a lot of pain. Stomach problems like constipation, gastrointestinal issues, indigestion are also common issues. Some other serious disease like cancer, Kidney problems, Liver, diabetes and Sinus may be reason of bad breath. If infections are not cured immediately, then it can affect lower jaw bone and also heart as well as lungs.

If the individuals want to save their dog from bad breath then they should visit the veterinarian at least once in a year. The special will check the pet dogs and if they get any problem, then the appropriate treatments will be provided by them.

How to remove bad breath of a dog?

Some diseases are really very serious and thus treatment should be done by a specialist, but if the bad smell is due to infection or a proper care can improve, then everyone should know these. Regular mouth wash and wiping out the gum with a clean cloth after every wash is the best process and it will always keep the germs away. Along with that, some perfect home remedies to remove bad dog breath are as follows-

  • Herbs-Coriander and Maragos leaves can be added to the pest of the dog to get a good smell. It will work like a mouthwash. It is very much helpful in killing bacteria. Sometimes Parsley is used to make tea and can be added to their food after cooling.
  • Carrots- steamed or boiled carrots are used to remove plaque from the teeth of the dog.  It also helps to release any food particles and helpful in producing saliva in mouth.
  • Breath mint and Lemon-Breath mint are very good for refreshing their breath. But, the individuals should know that breath mint of human should not be given to the dogs. The reason is digestive problems occur sometimes in them. Other than that, lemon can be used in drinking water by squeezing it. It will give a nice breath by freshen the palate.
  • Water and diet- It is very important to drink a plenty of water and a good diet to remove bad smell. Bacteria are basically anaerobic. The water is helpful in keeping the mouth moist and thus helpful in lessening growth of bacteria. The dog should drink fresh and clean water three times a day. Along with that, perfect and healthy diet is also helpful to cure bad breath. Cottage cheese is a good food to prevent constipation, intestinal problem and also used to increase the ability of good digestion.

Apart from the above, there are also some other remedies are available by which a person can easily remove smell and improve the digestion ability in a dog. It will make a pet happy. But, if there is any serious problem, then appropriate treatment should be done as soon as possible.