Gastric Balloon for Weight Loss –Is it a Good Solution?

There are various weight loss procedures available now, which the patient’s can choose according to the doctor’s advice and their preferences. Each of these procedures has its own advantages as well as risks. Here is a discussion on gastric ballooning procedure, which is being adopted by many.

What is a gastric balloon?

Gastric ballooning is a surgical procedure, in which a balloon structure is inserted into the patient’s stomach, which will help reduce the space available inside the stomach and thereby naturally reduce the food intake to feel fuller. This works same as stapling of intestine as well as lap band surgery, but gastric ballooning is less riskier compared to others.

Inserting the balloon

Inserting gastric balloon is a simple procedure, which is done under general anesthesia. It will only take hardy 20 minutes to 30 minutes to complete this procedure. Gastric balloon is typically filled with liquid or air, which can be later readjusted based on the requirement.

The pros and cons of gastric ballooning

  • Pros
  • Unlike the complicated surgical procedures, more people who wish to enjoy the best weight loss results can get qualified for gastric ballooning. The guidelines aren’t also strict for this procedure.
  • Gastric balloon is a very simple and less time taking procedure for effective weight loss .
  • There is no cutting or stapling of y our GI structures for gastric ballooning as in case of gastric bypass.
  • The ballooning can be easily reversed by quickly removing the balloon.
  • The same balloon can be kept inside for 6 months at a stretch by enjoying significant weight loss benefits.

Some Risks and Things You Should be Aware of

  • Gastric ballooning needed to be well complemented with strict diet and exercise to get the best results.
  • Sometimes, it may cause the patient to feel some discomfort as nausea or vomiting.
  • Balloons filled with liquid cause some difficulties, but nowadays filling air shows better results.
  • There is a risk of balloon getting deflated inside the stomach.
  • Ballooning is a short-term aid to supplement the weight loss process, alongside you should correct your eating habits strictly.

Is gastric balloon the right option for you?

The typical answer to this question may vary from case to case. The safest advice is to go with the doctor’s decision and clarify all your doubts with him/her before choosing the procedure. However if you have been advised to do a surgery or a lap band procedure, which you are fearful about, then gastric balloon is the ideal alternative for you. One should also consider the age, other diseases, and allied conditions etc. before decide which method of weight is going to be ideal for you. In most of the cases, gastric balloon is something doctor’s suggest as a less riskier procedure.

However, as discussed, it is a temporary fix to assist in weight loss. If you are looking for a permanent solution to completely curb your weight gain issues, you need to think of more stable procedures or strict lifestyle changes to enjoy long-term results. You will get more information about gastric balloon and other possible bariatric surgery methods on attending the weight loss seminars conducted by bariatric clinics and practitioners.