Food ordering made easy with Tinyowl

A lot of shopping apps have made way to app stores. After immense success of mobile shopping apps comes the era of food ordering apps which help in ordering food online called Tinyowl. The app is a delight for people who like to discover new dishes and cuisines every day. The app is a treat for all the busy folks out there as you can easily order food from your home or your office using this app.

The minds behind this mobile application are Tinyowl private technologies, a startup from the streets of Mumbai. The service provided by Tinyowl is available in 5 major cities which include Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Gurgaon and Bangalore. The team has decided to launch the app in other parts of country too and expanding their business on the country level. If you are in any of the cities which we have mentioned above you are eligible to use the app on any Android device. The app can be accessed from the app store of your Android device and after installing the app you are ready to order your favorite food items.


Fast & Smart

Tinyowl mobile application is not only fast but also a smart app and dominated apps like swiggy. You can create an order and place it just under 30 seconds using this mobile app. The smartness of the app comes into play when you want to place the same order for the second time. A single tap and you are ready to reorder the items. The app will provide you free coupons for all the orders above Rs 200 which can be used on next purchase via this app.

Hassle free system

Download Tinyowl mobile application you won’t be compromising with your diet in future. If you want to eat something healthy then you can browse the restaurants which provide healthy items. The cuisines offered by a restaurant are displayed right next to the name of the restaurant. Without any hassle the ordered food will get delivered within minutes, you don’t even need to explain your address as the application will detect your address automatically. You can also leave reviews and feedbacks of the orders which you have made through this application as it will help other users in deciding if they should order or not.

Location Based Identification

Other smart feature which is provided by this Android application is the location based identification. With this feature one doesn’t have to enter their address details. The application uses the GPS system of the Android device and identifies the current location. All the restaurants weather it is a new one or an old one will be listed in front of you. This gives you a lot of options to lookout from. If you are not getting exact results you can manually enter your location, locality details.

Final Words

In the end conclusion we would like to say that food ordering is definitely made easy with Tinyowl mobile application. You can browse through different restaurants and try different cuisines each day.