Five great ways to detox your body

You know the feeling. We have all hit that moment, when you just know that you have to go through a detox. Whether or not you have had a detox before, you can tell that your body is just ready to give up the ghost if you do not pace yourself and look after your body properly. It can be confusing for most of us because there are so many different kinds of detoxes out there – some of them are all about what you are eating, some focus on what you are drinking, and sometimes it can get a bit . . . weird. That is why we have put together this list of five great ways to detox your body that do not cost the earth, and do not require anything particularly weird. Which ones have you already tried before – and which catches your eye now?

  1. Lemon and water

Often taken by Beyonce and other amazing celebrities, the lemon and water detox is really as it says on the tin: you eat normally, but instead of drinking a wide variety of different things, you start and end the day with lemon and water – and whenever you are thirsty during the day, all you drink is lemon and water. It gives your body a chance to get balanced and purify from all the horrible toxins and nasties that you drink throughout the day.

  1. No artificial sugar

Artificial sugar is one of the worst things that you can put into your body, and almost everything that you can eat and drink actually includes it. There are almost thirty different descriptions for artificial sugar, and that is why we hardly ever notice them! By removing artificial sugar from your food and drink for a month, you will not only lose weight, but remove the bloating, help to get your body back on track.

  1. Juicing

Instead of taking something away, a juicing detox thinks about putting something in, and it is all of the good stuff! Juicing simply means getting a tonne of fruit and vegetables and juicing them up so that you can drink all of the nutrients instead of eating them all, which gets them into your body quicker and greatly increasing the variety of healthy food that you were eating before. Juicing can be difficult at first because you’ll need to buy a juicing machine, but it is very easy to do each morning when you have one.

  1. Foot detoxification patches

We love foot detoxification patches because you need absolutely no effort whatsoever! You put the foot detoxification patches on your feet as you go to bed, and during the night the foot detoxification patches take all the toxins out of your body, giving you an instant detox. Many people use foot detoxification patches once a month to keep on top of their toxin levels, and the foot detoxification patches remove any chemicals that should not be in your body.

  1. Early nights for a month

You may laugh, but in some cases this is one of the best ways that you can restart your body and give it the rest that it deserves! Making sure that you get enough sleep every night will help your body to naturally re-balance, and as many of us have a sleep deficit of around three whole nights of sleep, it can take around a month to properly catch up.

No matter how you decide to detox, doing something that is purely for your body will ensure that it will be a lot happier – and that is, after all, what we want!