Exterminate skin problems with venom instilled cream

A new buzz in the cosmetic market has created hustle bustle. This buzz is about the launch of a unique facial cream. This is not an ordinary cream but a special one made from bee venom. Are you starkly flabbergasted? Yes, this is the truth; the cosmetic market has witnessed one of the best anti wrinkle cream crafted out of bee venom.

What is bee venom?

It’s a liquid which is colourless, in short clear, and odourless that is injected into the skin of living being by bees. They encompass over twenty compounds amongst which the most essential one is

  • Melittin- It’s a compound that is featured with powerful anti inflammatory, anti viral and anti bacterial properties.
  • Apamin- This compound is considered to be a muscle relaxant

These two compounds blended together in the cream, makes it effective and beneficial. The presence of these two substances, aids people to get immediate effect which makes them look young.

Importance of the cream

The use of bee venom cream never goes a waste. Immediately after its use, you can notice a considerable amount of difference in your face. The powerful effects of the cream encompass:

  • It succours to elevate the sagged skin of your face
  • It also stiffens the skin helping it appear smooth and soft
  • It helps to give an enlivened and Botoxed look
  • It is anti microbial in nature thus very useful in the treatment of acne
  • This cream can also be used to fight various other anti inflammatory problems like joint pains, back problems and many more etc

This cream has also been proved to excrete the damage made to the skin because of menopause. During this phase, various women suffer with skin issues like tumid, dryness or deep shrivels in turn leading to skin ageing. This idiosyncratic facial cream aids to fight all these problems.

How does it work?

It’s important for the ladies to understand the reason behind the effectiveness of this cream. For this, they need to imbibe its working in detail.

Any skin ages or falls apart because of decreasing level of two major proteins ( Elastin and Collagen). This is the prime reason for the skin to sag and age. As discussed before, this cream is composed of Melittin and Apamin. Hence, when applied to the skin it assists the body immune system to respond immediately. This in turn cascades the production of two major proteins which are important ingredients of the skin. They work towards repairing, hydrating and regenerating the skin.

This is how it works inside the body. Besides this, externally, the bee venom makes the skin unyielding. This upshot is perceptible just after you have applied the cream. Hence, unlike other creams, it does not take two to three weeks to show its result. This unique feature has highlighted it as an instant face lift cream in the market.

Procedure of applying it

There is a certain way you need to follow while applying this cream for efficacious result

  • First and foremost step is to clean your face in the morning. You can wash it with cold water or clean it with a cleanser
  • This cream should be applied in the morning, hence make it a part of your regime. Post cleaning; gently apply the cream all over the face
  • Leave it for not more than 20 minutes
  • After that, clean your face with a cloth

Few precautionary points:

  • Do not, in any circumstances leave the cream for duration more than 20 minutes. This could have adverse effects like redness or inflammation
  • Post applying the cream you could feel a little stinging feeling. This is nothing but the cream working towards its result.