Elliptical Trainers That Won’t Burn A Hole In Your Pocket

Working out at home can save you a lot of time, money, efforts as well as the anxiety that you are likely to feel when you are around a bunch of people at the local gym who are are fitter than you. You can enjoy a great workout at home even when you have a constricted budget. Believe it or not, today it is possible to purchase an elliptical Machine trainer for yourself within $500 that can offer a decent home exercise. But all you need to do is to lower your expectations a bit because the build quality and features of these ellipticals shall not be able to match that of high end machines.

The best workout for less money:Everyone shall not be looking for fitness club quality elliptical trainers for regular, intense workout. There are many people who would want an universal machine that can offer a full body workout. These trainers involve the same movements like running with an extra impact on the muscles, joints and bones. So you can ensure a safe yet effective workout with any of the elllipticals listed below.

A selection of elliptical trainers within $500:

# Schwinn A40- This model of elliptical, priced under $ 390, can be a perfect way to own an elliptical. This is not a hybrid or a half way trainer but something you can really call a true elliptical experience. This trainer can give you an enjoyable yet strenuous experience while you exercise on it. Most of the high end machines have up to 25 resistant levels but as the A40 have only 8 resistant levels, it is perfectly suitable for most beginners and also intermediary users.


It is loaded with features that does justice to its price range, like 6 pre installed workout programs you can choose from, a backlit LCD panel that gives all the vital information during workout. It also has handlebar grips that can monitor heart rate while exercising.

The stride length of this elliptical trainer is a bit on the short side at 17.5 inches. Though you may think that most of the high end ellipticals have stride lengths between 18 and 22 inches, the Schwinn A40 model with its short stride length is a perfect fit for people who are less than 6 feet tall.

#Proform Hybrid Trainer– This model is not an elliptical trainer in the true sense of the term. As the name suggests, this equipment is a part elliptical and a part recumbent exercise bike. Under $ 360, this machine bridges the gap between a stationery bike and treadmill and offers a workout that engages the muscles of the entire body.

By adjusting the position of the foot pedals, this trainer can be used as an elliptical by standing erect during the workout. In this position you shall have to ignore the seat and use the moving handlebars for support. The pedals can be adjusted again to sit down in a reclined position and use the trainer as a recumbent work out bike. This is the way the Proform Hybrid Trainer works and it also has separate programs for different types of training programs.

Thus machine has an integrated RPM meter that is able to measure the revolutions per minute and displays it at the LCD screen. It also has built-in sensors that is able to monitor the heart rate which helps you to stay within your target zone for more productive results.

Horizon Fitness EX- 69-2 Elliptical trainer: If you are looking to build or expand your home gym in such a way that you get a good equipment in a low budget, then this would be perfect fit for you. It comes within $500, and is crafted to provide the user with a total body workout as it combines work out for both the lower and upper parts of the body. Working out all the muscle at the same time is done in a single smooth and seamless motion that minimises strain on the joints and reduces the risk of injury.

This machine offers 20 levels of magnetic brake resistance that is implemented into the unit. This system also has the edge of over various mechanisms as it can provide a better reliability, quiet operation and zero friction– all at a low maintenance cost.

The recent rise in popularity of elliptical machines is because of the fact that they offer a comprehensive workout which will increase the cardiovascular output and burning unwanted calories.

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