Clen Pills – How do they work?

Clen is not a Steroid but it is steroid like substancewhich is a variation of male sex hormone testosterone. It increases heart rate and blood pressure so health experts use them to treat asthma. Clen is the most popular medicinal drug among Hollywood movie stars and also music stars. This is the secret of the fat loss and gives an extra ordinary shape to the body. They are so crazy about this drug for the zero size guaranteed with an impressive weight loss.

The common side effects are Jitteriness and insomnia. It should be used under medical supervision with a responsible dosage else it has adverse effects on heart. It also causes cramps which are painful. The heart patients and Blood pressure patients should avoid the drug. The people facing problems with Obesity and thyroid also should not use the Clen pills.

Right way to take the pills

The best time to take the pill is early in the morning or before work out. Dependent on the beta 2-adrenoceptor the dosage for men will be 140mcg for men per day and 100 mcg for women in the starting without side effects. It can go up to 200mcg and 140 mcg respectively. The dosage when goes behind recommended leads to produce lot of stress and strain to heart. The increase in dosage should be gradual by study of results and side effects of the body. The discontinuation of the pills also should not be suddenly but gradually reducing the dosage.

How do the pills work?

Clen is the short form of Clenbuterol which is a fat burner in a cutting cycle. This can be used by both men and women as it increase metabolism and supress the appetite.  When taken in prescribed amounts it cause thermo genic effect in the body and burns the fat. It also increases the metabolism in each cell and creates energy in the body. This energy enhances the performance in sport stars too. It delivers oxygen and special nutrients to the body including muscles by accelerating heart rate and breath rate.

Chemically, clen triggers the release of a compound called adenylcyclase which processes the energy production required to the enhance performance.  This adenylcyclase also plays role in conversion of adenosine triphosphate to adenosine mono phosphate which causes metabolism in the body. This chemical is a potential thermogenic enzyme causing fat burning effect in the body.  The cycle of intake should not be longer than 2 months with a break of 1 – 2 weeks and it depends on the expectation and results of the user.

The intake of pills has to be supplemented by an intense workout for the improved results. The safety and effectiveness of the drug have not been supported by any research studies on humans but on animals.

Though there is no life threatening side effects for this drug, a responsible usage of it can in turn get the quick results. There should be no mistake in choosing a pure drug along with perfect dosage else it could be adversely affecting the body.