Choose From Third Party Reproduction Options Available At Reproductive Medicine & Fertility Center

Parenthood is a wonderful experience for any couple and sometimes some factors deprive them of the sheer joy that only a little one in their arms can provide them. If you are also one among them and longing for a baby to fill your home and life with happiness, look no further than IVF and third party reproduction options available at the Reproductive Medicine & Fertility Center. Although, IVF is highly popular nowadays with a good success rate, third party reproduction options are also catching up fast trend. At the reputed clinic, located in Colorado, you can have the best of the reproduction options at your disposal at the most competitive price! The experienced and motivated teams of professionals are always there for you to assist you to reach your goal of having a baby in your lap.

What is third party reproduction?

This mainly refers to a kind of reproduction in which eggs, sperms or embryos of a third person are used in making reproduction by a women incapable of attaining motherhood a possibility. The third person is called the donor in this case and the person receiving his or her eggs, sperms or embryos is called the recipient. Donors may choose to remain anonymous or known to the person availing the third party reproduction method. There are several legal, social and ethical issues that are always associated with such a process. Moreover, this process also includes both traditional and gestational surrogacy.

The list of 3rd party reproduction options

The comprehensive list of the third party reproduction options available at Reproductive Medicine & Fertility Center is as follows:

  • Egg Donor
  • Shared Egg Donor
  • Anonymous Egg Donor
  • Known Egg Donor
  • Gestational Carrier
  • Known Gestational Carrier
  • Anonymous Gestational Carrier
  • Donor Embryos
  • Donor Sperm

Reasons to choose the donor program of RMFC

Well, there are a number of reasons of choosing the donor program offered by the reputed Reproductive Medicine & Fertility Center and some of these are mentioned below in brief.

  • You can have an easy access to a large number of thoroughly screened donors at our clinic
  • You can have more choices as choosing the same donor is allowed by a couple under some pre-conditions
  • You can experience lower cost of infertility treatment in comparison to other clinics
  • The treatment is quick i.e. if there is no pregnancy within a specified time period; she can very well choose another donor quickly.

You need to just fix an appointment with the experienced physicians at the clinic and has to submit your earlier medical reports to them so that they can know what exactly is stopping you from becoming a mother or father in a natural way. You can be assured once contacting with the professionals at the clinic that you are in safe hands and will be treated with compassion and care. Trying to bring a smile on your face by giving you the joy of parenthood is the ultimate aim of the reputed clinic.