Can Teeth Whitening and Teeth Straightening be Done Simultaneously?

This would be a complicated procedure that not many dentists and orthodontists will be keen on performing. Majority of the dental professionals prefer to apply teeth whitening Sydney on straight teeth because that makes the smile perfect. Thus, making the requirement of teeth straightening much stronger than before when no teeth whitening was needed. Though the braces cost in Sydney is also something that must be checked before commencing the procedure.

What are the possible ways to do it?

The only possible way to have it done is follow the latter first and use braces to straighten the teeth, after which the entire teeth could be whitened properly. There are varieties of metal and porcelain braces as well as a new invisible braces called Invisalign in the dental market. Invisalign is costly, but treatment with it gives precisely the desired results that have been chalked out by the orthodontist. Here are a few things done in order to ensure that the straightening procedure goes smoothly:

  • 3D X-ray of the jaw and teeth is taken to figure out the exact problem.
  • Mould for Invisalign or a metal brace is prepared.
  • Invisalign or a metal brace is prepared on the mould.
  • The braces are fixed on the patient’s teeth.

That initiates the teeth straightening procedure and after couple of months, the results are favourable. Now comes the second part of Sydney teeth whitening. There are many ways to whiten the teeth, but before anything else, the teeth is cleaned of any plaque that may have been on the surface. Then the method of whitening is chosen, which can be:

  • Chemical
  • Light or zoom technology

In the former, a mould is made and chemical is put into that mould after which a patient has to bite into it and hold it for a while. Next, teeth are being washed thoroughly because the chemical usually contains acidic substance that may harm the gums and any other soft tissues. In the latter, a chemical solution is put on the teeth and light is zoomed on it to create a chemical reaction that renders white surface to the teeth. This procedure has to be carried out by experienced dentist.

Teeth Whitening costs less, but braces cost Sydney could be higher than anything else. Latter’s cost must be found out prior to taking a plunge and it’s highly recommended to have proper dental plans for it.