Bodybuilding Success Story

Lou Ferrigno won over many athletes in his bodybuildingefforts, and that included Arnold Schwarzenegger as well. He obtained Mr. Universe title. He was weighing 165 Lbs at the age of 16 and achieved a weight range between 290 and 320 Lbs at his peak with a height of 6’5”. Ferrigno has won multiple bodybuilding competitions.

Life of Ferrigno

He was born in the year 1951 in November in Brooklyn, New York. He was born to an Italian origin parents, and his father was in thepolice department. He began his weight training at the age of 13. After his highschool, he started participating in many weightlifting events.

He agreed that his journey was smooth because of his habit of taking anabolic steroids. His body gained muscles to support him in the weight lifting activity. He was started liking by the Hollywood producers and offered him with many opportunities.

Due to his hardwork and steroid supplements,Ferrigno has won multiple bodybuilding competitions.He also obtained achance to work with Hollywood producers. He had earned many feathers to his cap.

Ferrigno’s Achievement

He was awarded by the IFBB in 1969 as Mr.America, and in 1973 he won the title Mr. Universe. During the Mr. Olympia competition, he came second in 1974.

Which Steroids Were Used By Ferrigno

During his peak time, he predominantly used Dianabol, an age-old steroid which is existence since 1940. It helps in increasing the muscles and stamina. It is the ideal steroid for both non-professional and professional athlete. It gains tissues and does not make you look bulky. It just adds wherever muscles were required.

He also used Primobolan which again an anabolic steroid which is the efficient and safest steroid available on the market. It has proven data in treating many premature babies by adding muscles and enhancing the growth.

For Lou, Primobolan improved his immune system, helped in building lean tissues, retained RBC and nitrogen in the cell.It is all very vital characteristic required for an athlete.

Net Worth of Lou Ferrigno

One cannot calculate his worth, but for sure, his TV and movie discography spansmore than a hundredappearances.He provides several personalized fitness equipment, training, and workout on his site.

Even though he was bullied for being hearing theimpaired child, his drive and perseverance made his a successful bodybuilder. He won many international, national and many more awards and titles that are countless. Becoming an Incredible Hulk, the name Lou Ferrigno became the name of a household.Due to his right use of steroids and followed typical steroid cycle to reach the top of the industry.

His willpower and drive pushed him to the top. On top of it, steroid gave him confidence in building his muscle. His gym workouts and exercise routine reaped benefit by supplementing with steroids.

Ferrigno wants every athlete to have a successful journey in their sports, and hence he has given many details on this site for the benefit of many young aspirants.