Benefits of Masteron

You must have heard about synthetically manufactured anabolic steroidal compounds that are solely meant for body building or muscle bulking purposes. Masteron falls under the same category of AAS or androgenic anabolic steroids that is responsible for rapid stimulation and growth of muscle tissues for increased vitality and body strength. It is the brand name for the generic compound drostanolone propionate and is available as injectable forms of standardised strengths with medium androgenic and anabolic properties. Masteron is also derived chemically from a derivative of testosterone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT) from where it gets the androgenecity. Many professional body builder, weight lifters and athletes use the drug from enhanced performance output by relative increase in the muscle mass and energy levels. While helping in the growth and gain of muscle tissues, it does not count for the weight gain as well which one of the most beneficial aspects of the product. On the contrary, it may account for subsequent weight loss depending on your diet chart and regular workout schedule. For bulking cycles, Masteron is one of the most preferred choices of professional fitness enthusiasts and you can easily know about its dosage regulation by visiting the official online website for further information.

What is Masteron? The actual definition:

Masteron/Drostanolone has been in popular demand since many decades because of the advance and fast muscle building effects that it imparts on your body. Masteron is not the only brand name by which it is known across the world. Some other popular brands of drostanolone propionate are as follows:

  • Masterone
  • Masteril
  • Permastril
  • Blackburn compound
  • Drolban
  • Mastisol
  • Metermon
  • Prometholone
  • Medrostestron propionate

While the brand names for a particular chemical compound is discussed, there will be obviously question raised on its name and origin. The molecular formula of Drostanolone propionate is C23H36O3with a molecular weight of 360.53 g/mole. The half-life of the compound is 2 to 3 days, which accounts for approximately 48 to 72 hours. Since the half-life of Masteron is more, the effects of the compound remains in the system for a longer time. This is the reason why it is recommended to administer the dose strengths under a health expert. Adjusting the dose strength is every crucial when you administer a compound with prolonged half-life. The oral bioavailability for the compound is 0-2% while the intramuscular availability is 100%.

How to regulate the dosage cycle?

Masteron works by posing anti estrogenic effects on the body. This means that it specifically triggers the inhibition of estrogen receptors in the male body, which reduces the risks of gynecomastia (enlargement of the breast tissues). But this is a side effects with respect to a female body. Therefore female users should use the product under expert guidance so as to keep away from adversities.

The recommended dosage of Masteron/Drostanolone stays within the range of 75 mg to 100 mg per week. The dose strength can be increased or decreased according to the resistance power of the user. Exceeding 400 mg of Masteron per week can give rise to unwanted health hazards.