Application Of Oxandrolone In Athletes

This belongs to steroid also known as Anavar which has its major application towards athletes in building the mass of body. This is very popular method developed by professional athletes to achieve the fitness of the body via natural process. This cycle is recommended for athletes in the time period of 6 weeks during which the athlete will consume a specific amount of Oxandrolone per day and adjustment is made to his or her workouts in accordance with the changes related to the metabolisms and musculoskeletal systems. This has the cycle of duration 6 weeks for yielding the better results of anavar. This is based on the user’s intake level and also takes some time to discover.

Anavar As The Recommendation Of Fitness Professionals:

Professionals in fitness who experienced with same substances cannot predict how the bodies will respond to drugs they have never taken before. Initially, users should begin with the minimal medical dosage that doctors usually administer when they prescribe oxandrolone to their patients. It is mostly used by women, because of its mild natured steroid and hence it is called “The Girl Steroid”. However, this oxandrolone can be used by men, but the output will not be in best level. Anavar will act in fast mannerisms especially with lean tissues and also used for enhancement of total metabolic activity. Though it gives best result for women, men also can expect the best result from that regarding diet.


Follow The Range Of Anavar:

While anavar is being used for growth phases, this cycle may not be felt as an exact choice for their growing needs. Being as a very mild steroid, this takes some credit in this hormone in growth development. This cycle is recommended for athletes disregarding men and women, but for women, this cycle will be more effective for women, since it will be more efficient for females to carry out their activity. Regarding any dieting phase, this anabolic steroid will be very effective to maintain fitness of the body and that’s why it has been the recommendation of physique competitors. If you are planning for anavar cycle, then you need to use 10 to 20 mg per day for first 6 weeks. In rare case, you can use more than 20 mg, but to avoid side effects, the limited amount will be below 20 mg.

Consult Your Doctor To Use More Than 6 Weeks:

For woman, if you want to use more than 6 weeks, you should proceed after discussing with your physicians before 3 to 4 weeks. Regarding men, this anavar cycle will give effective result with diet phase. This is a steroid which will not be similar to Trenbolone and winstrol. This will give you best result if it is taken in mild form. During dieting phase, an anavar cycle will be very useful for preserving lean tissue, whereas, upon the restriction of calorie, it will give more effective result to increase the metabolic activity. In most cases, men should use the range of oxandrolone in the range below 50mg during the beginning period of application. This range of anavar is considered based on the safety of health.