An Overview of an Anabolic Cycle: Doses and Effects

Anabolic steroid cycles are used by top notch body builders all over the globe in the pursuit of achieving a stunning, muscularbody. Certain brands are widely popular because of their ability to enhance the performance of the athletes by increasing the stamina, strength and speed. Using an all-in-all steroid for bulk cycle before a competition can work wonders for you, the benefits go beyond improving physical appearance.

Sought after during body building contests

sticking to a particular fine synthetic anabolic steroid cycle, particularly in the cutting cycle helps the body builders in preserving lean muscle mass.The target in this cycle should be to burn the fat tissues for leaning out, eliminating fat will boost muscularity, muscle a result, you will get a toned, perfectly chiseled look, exactly what you need from a cycle 10-14 days before a competition. Oral tablets and injections of one single anabolic steroid in the entire cycle are likely to increase the amount of testosterone in the body. Elevated level of T hormone aids in multiple ways during the cutting cycle, firstly it depletes unwanted fat from the body, and secondly it lets you preserve the lean mass without putting on weight.



Many health care experts firmly believe the fact that stacking the synthetic steroid you use with other anabolic supplements can bring forth mind-blowing results as well. Testosterone is a very commonly used steroid for stacking. This stack can be used during a 6-8 cycle. If you don’t face any issue with it, you can even increase the duration of the cycle. Many user prefer oral tablets over injections, both forms are equally effective.

Cycles for men and women

Male athletes have the capacity to endure more powerful doses of steroid than women do. During the off-season, 6-8 weeks cycle is recommended for men to acquire lean and hard muscle mass without water retention. Using it irresponsible by stretching the cycle duration can land you into serious health troubles. Certain anabolic supplements can have fatal toxic effects on the liver if used beyond recommended limit. During the preparation of bodybuilding competition or sports activities, the intake of doses can be stretched up to 2 extra weeks

There are a very few supplements which are safe for females. Oral tablet forms of steroid are suggested to is because supplements taken orally have a very short half-life and detection time, which means it will be cleared from the system quickly and women will possibly be safe from the potential side effects. It’s a well-known fact that anabolic supplements promotes virulization, which means the female users are susceptible to develop masculine traits such as hirsutism, deepening of voice, enlargement of clitoris orclitoromegaly,therefore the doses have to kept as low as possible. During the cutting cycle, women should not take more than 10 mg per day. For better result, you can split daily your doses into two equal halves.

The ultimate hack to victory

Building and maintaining a perfect physique takes much more than following rigid fitness regime and steroid accomplish success in the domain of bodybuilding and athletics, you need to push the envelope further and lead a healthy lifestyle. Physical training experts advise the intake of 100 mg. of androgen (for men) per day in day in a cycle 10-14 days before a competition, it should be accompanied by a diet full of green vegetables, high quality animal protein, lots of water. Make sure you get adequate sleep and avoid alcohol, smoking and fatty foods.