Advantages of animal assisted therapy

We went through kinds of mental as well as physical situations in our life. Many times we may need therapy. Now day’s animal assisted therapy is the newest thing. There are basically two approaches for the therapies, holistic one and ecological one. These two have their own techniques and working styles.

The holistic flow talks about the holistic health. It focuses on the mind, body, and a system of values. Whereas ecological flow, focus on the nature. It gives precedence to the contact with nature. Contact with nature includes all aspects of nature like vegetable and animals. There are many groups like emotional support animal New Yorkwho focus on the animal assisted therapy. Animal assisted therapy is quite fruitful and popular. It can be a very good help for the people which are in some kind of mental or physical crisis, mostly due to some accidents. The animal with the positive aroused emotion are the excellent antidotes for these kinds of situation and deceases. Animal possess the power to heal and they have most affection and unconditional love. These factors promote relaxation, which is the critical part of any kind of therapy to be successful. This also helps to attain stability and is very helpful to handle the critical situations and adds more serenity to the process.

Researchers had done research on animal assisted therapy and they have found out that it is very helpful in mostly all kinds of diagnostic procedures. It has been observed that, the people who were hospitalized with heart diseases and strokes and were pet owner had a better heart rate, than the people who were not a pet owner. Some researchers have found that giving pets to the HIV patients make them fight for their life, and help them to live longer. Some researches with the dogs reveals, that the pets become the integral part and a supporter of the patient. It helps them to convey the affection and teaches them the sense of responsibility. Assisted animal therapy can be harmful for the people with weak immune system, because they can get infected, but this can be avoided with the proper care and precautions. Emotional support animal New York is the some noticeable example, in this field.

Animal assisted therapy is very useful in many scenarios like illness, mentally challenged people, people suffering from some kind of loss, like deaths etc.

There are also many studies on the prison people. It has been found that the prison in which pet visits are allowed or prisoners are allowed to have pet has led to the reduction of violence level in those prisoners. This also has been found that those prisoners have less tendency of suicide or drug use, also a good relationship between the prisoners and prison staff has been found.

It has been found out that a pet has many psychological effects on the blood pressure and stress. It has been said that animals do not have judgment ability like people and thus can be an excellent advisor. Also, it is very easy to share things to pets, because it cannot be leaked. People often talk to their pets and shares many things with them like, their feelings about peoples. It has also been found that by owning a pet, people get the feeling of security and enhance their self-esteem level. It also helps to promote sociability and help to increase the sense of mutuality. It also helps to develop the social skill as well as a sense of responsibility, especially in the children.

So, owning a pet gives us many benefits as well as to some stray animal, as he gets a home to live.