A Chinese Climber Plant is now a Global Medicinal plant for Treating many ailments

Nature has bounty for the humanity to take it from her, be it minerals, light, air, water, fruits, vegetables, fish and the environmental positives to sustain health and live longer. So many plantations in the wild might yet be seen and brought up to utility. Everything the nature gives is worth of our life. That teaches a lesson that by preserving natural environment itself the society can give back something to Mother Nature. Almost all medicines are based on natural products, or combination of natural products, or natural products applied through various mechanisms. Plants and herbs are the main source to prepare the medicines of medicinal systems of all kinds prevailing in the world. The palm leaves or old literature speak of the various herbs and plants taken from the nature and applied for various ailments. Eastern Europe, South Asia had very many applications of medicinal products and medicinal systems from the plants for so many decades. Chinese and Indian medicines of ancient periods were famous and regarded even today by the advanced Medical professionals in high esteem. An herb of Yunan hill province was said to be functioning as plaster of paris for ortho joint purposes effectively in ancient periods. Schizandra is another plant found in Northeastern China. It has got a lot of medicinal values and in USA some reputed companies make extract of the plant for curing so many ailments.

Treating some ailments by extract and fruits of Schizandra :

For centuries together, Chinese had used schizandra plants for treating pulmonary disease patient so and found great success. Normally, it is still regarded effective to curtail heavy coughing and some types of cancer also. It is a climber plant grown easily and conservation of soil much for this is not essential.  Chinese apply this as an herbal medicinal plant with its five different tastes for different ailments. Chinese prevalently use this as a medicine for many infectious symptoms. They recommend this to promote skin care and to fight insomnia. Researchers found from Yunnan province of China, the extract of schizandra rubriflora containing high oxygenated chemical quality things which can be taken to labs for medicinal purposes. Medical world has admitted the rich character the plant has in possession and that is why the extract is made and marketed from even Western countries also.One gets a lot of input on this at OrganicSchizandra.com Medical journals have the articles vouchsafing the schizandra berry extract’s power to resist cancer. In a medical study report it clearly indicates that while tests were made on leukemia cells, by applications of schizandrin C they could find preventing the spread of cancer cells.  These expressions do not convey the certification of FDA of USA or some other countries Health agency of the governments, but the general confirmation of the medical effectiveness of the plant schizandra.

Also, it had been noticed that the extract collected from schizandra called as SCPE gave immense good result in treating the patients who had liver injury due to carbon tetrachloride. It was found to give fillip to the cycle of liver enzymes inside and became protective while the test was conducted. Further the experts found the extract of schizandra berry and chinensis to help losing weight. The aging appearance on the skin and inflammatory problem in the digestive systems can be treated successfully with schizandra as claimed by medical experts. Though the plant is a native one that of South Asian countries and particularly that of North China, the popularity has grown and some reputed companies in USA and in Europe are making the extracts of varieties of the plant schizandra as an effective medicine to fight preliminary symptoms of cancer and promoting it for weight loss also.  Some medical companies are trying to making to get international patent rights for the medicines made out of schizandra.