7 simple practices to strengthen your digestive fire as per Ayurveda

Agni, a Sanskrit term is used to describe the “digestive fire” of the body. Digestive fire is the body’s power to break down food and various other things that we ingest from our immediate environment. Whenever we are suffering from weight-related issues or not so comfortable GI symptoms like gas, bloating, or indigestion, many times the root problem can be linked to poor digestion (weak Agni). Ayurveda offers a range of easy and practical techniques using which we can strengthen our Agni. So, let us see few powerful ways of Ayurveda that set our digestive fire blazing.

1.)    Meditation is the key – Various studies have recently reported the genetic changes that occur in people practicing regular meditation. The process can easily restore the body’s homeostasis, which also includes the process of controlling digestion. To get the maximum impact, it is advisable to meditate for about 20 – 30 minutes, twice daily.

2.)    Try doing some kind of daily movement, it could be yoga or morning walks — A recent scientific study that was published in Diabetes Care reported that doing short 15-minute walks after every meal helps to control the sugar spikes that occur after eating. It was also reported that short walks taken just after eating were more effective than taking a long walk once in a day.

3.)    Never overeat— It has been proven that whenever we consume more food than our stomach can handle, our body cannot break it down, properly. Our body tends to release more acid in such cases, thus causing a reflex that leads to indigestion.

4.) Try sipping ginger tea several times a day, and also take them with meals. Ginger is like a celebrity herb in the field of Ayurveda and is considered a “universal remedy” for many ailments. It has been used by people for more than 2,000 years to treat various kinds of disorders, including digestive issues. Ginger is known to relax the muscle present in the intestines and thereby alleviating symptoms of cramping and gas.

A simple Ginger Tea Recipe: Ginger tea is very refreshing to have and is very easy to make. All you need to do is add 1 tsp of sliced or grated fresh ginger root to one cup of hot water. You can consider preparing a large batch of ginger tea and sipping them several times in a day.

5.) Try having your largest meal at the lunchtime – Our bodies are known to digest food more easily at midday, as we are more active at that time. As many studies have reported that our digestive system secretes a lot of “digestive juices” in the noontime, thus making it the best time to have the largest meal.

6.) Let go of stress and try to focus on releasing negative emotions — Negative emotion and stress are known to cause indigestion and heartburn. Try reducing them and you can see the impact in terms of improved digestion.

7) Finally, increase the intake of fibre rich foods and drink plenty of water.  Legumes and Whole grains, should be consumed more often. Drink as much fluid as possible to prevent mild dehydration.