4 Types of plastic surgery

Many people want to know more about the different types of plastic surgery available today mainly because plastic surgery is a vast subject. It generally comprises of various procedures you can choose from to change any part of your body you are not happy about or to rectify any part of the body that had undergone an accident or any other crisis. So here is the breakup of the various types of plastic surgery available based on why they are undergone.

Facial cosmetic procedures

The first category comprises of plastic surgery comprises of those procedures that help change the shape of your face and its facial features. The most common surgery performed in this group is rhinoplasty which changes the shape of your nose.

In addition to a rhinoplasty, many people undergo plastic surgery to have the shape of their eyes, ears, cheek bones or chin changed if required. You can in fact have your entire face changed if need be.

Body changing cosmetic procedures

The second category is procedures that help change your body shape. The most common procedures here are breast enhancement, breast reduction or procedures where implants are placed in your buttocks or calves to enhance its appearance. Even a tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is a common form of plastic surgery that helps change your body appearance.

Anti-aging cosmetic procedures

The third category of plastic surgeries is those that help reduce the effects of aging. While the facelift is a classic example, there are anti-aging procedures like chemical peels and laser treatments that remove wrinkles and liver spots. Botox injections are also commonly used by those who want to look young. It is also a minor procedure people undergo to look years younger.

Weight loss plastic surgery

The last group of plastic surgery procedures are those designed to help you lose weight. Liposuction is the most common type in this category, which also includes procedures that may or may not be considered plastic surgery. This includes procedures using a gastric band which helps reduce your food consumption. This procedure is however not considered to be a form of plastic surgery by lots of people.

Looking at all the types of plastic surgery procedures performed and are available, it is no wonder plastic surgery is resorted to when you want a completely new look to your face or some part of your body, for some reason or the other.