3 Popular Myths About Fitness – Disproven

It is important to set the record straight about fitness and exercise. Especially as it is at the forefront of preventive healthcare.

Despite the important role it plays in healthy living, many still struggle to create a sustainable fitness routine for themselves. This disconnect is unfortunate because personal trainers are there to help. They can help provide the insight that a person needs to stay on track with their fitness plans.

You Only Have to WorkoutDuring Training Sessions

Even if you exercise with your personal trainer three times a week there are still 4 other days during the week that you could be working out. You don’t need to do a highly intensive program on each of these days but it is important to exercise beyond your training sessions.

In order to create a balanced lifestyle, you can’t just exercise when you’re with your personal trainer. In most cases, your personal trainer will help you put together a routine that you can tackle throughout the week. That way you get all of the exercise you actually need to achieve your goals.

The Longer The Workout The Better

Contrary to popular opinion, long workouts aren’t the only way to get in shape. Workout sessions are set according to the goal of the session. A fast-paced metabolic training session might require only 30-40 minutes while an intense workout session could be as long as 90 minutes.

So if a trainer ends a session in say 50 minutes it’s not because he’s slacking but that it was the maximum time required for that session. The same is true for a 30-minute session. The session may feel on the shorter side while in reality, you are actually accomplishing everything you need to for the goal of that day. Generally, it is better to maintain consistent workouts even if they are a bit shorter, rather than only doing one long workout a week.

You Can Get in Shape Just by Exercising

It is a common misconception that you can get in top shape simply by exercising. In reality, to cultivate a healthy lifestyle you must address a few different components like getting rest and eating well. When you are exercising it is especially important to get a regular amount of sleep, like 8 hours each night. This will ensure you are rested enough for your training session.

Then, it is also important to eat a balanced diet as well. Healthy eating is the key to building up a strong body. When you eat nutritious food, it will fuel up your body so that you can effectively tackle your workouts.

So that’s it, now that you know the truth behind these 3 common myths about fitness you will soon be on track to developing a healthy lifestyle.

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